Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock MP-08X – Takara / Tomy

Masterpiece Grimlock


Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock MP-08X – Takara / Tomy

Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock MP-08X – Takara / Tomy .Exclusive Japanese Import Item . Fully Transform’s from Robot to Vehicle .For Collectors Only !!
The Giants Takara/tomy presents this new addition to their Masterpiece range of Toys/Collectables.Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock MP-08X – Takara / Tomy –  figure is highly articulated and comes with weapons ,accessories & is nicely designed to look like  the original G1 Transformers Toys.


Expect the same top quality craftsmanship ,stunning design & intricate details we have all learnt to expect from Takara’s Transformers Masterpiece line of Toys.

The Transformers Masterpiece Toys Range is a toy-line primarily focused on the collector market.
The Toys are modern day revamps of the much loved Autobot’s & Decepticon’s characters based on the original G1 Transformers from the cartoon series in the 80’s

The Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock MP-08X – Takara / Tomy Toys are manufactured with today’s advanced engineering techniques.And the end products is a slick highly collectable ,fully articulated ,transformable Masterpiece version of many of the Classic G1 characters.


  • Check out our Store for Cool Transformers Masterpiece Toys already issued by Takara Tomy Toys.Including Bumble Bee, Soundwave ,Prowl, Optimus Prime ,Megatron ,Skywarp,Star Scream , Inferno ,Grapple , Shock Wave,Blue Streak,Tracks, Delta Magnus, Ultra Magnus , Hot Rod , Smokescreen ,Sideswipe,Ratchet,Shadow Panther, Optimus Primal ,Artfire ,Wheel Jack ,Grimlock, Iron hide ,Star Saber , Red Alert , Ravage & Rumble ,Sunstreaker , Barricade,Ghost Star Scream,Loud Pedal ,Blue Streak & many More.


  • Stay Tuned for all the Latest Transformers Masterpiece Product Update’s.Who will Takara / Tomy produce next for the Transformers Masterpiece Toy Line ? Possibly rumoured to get the Masterpiece Treatment next are Metroplex ,Dinobots Slug,Slag,Swoop,Slash,Wind Charger , Fortress Maximus , Hound , Blaster , Cyclonus, Fan favorite RC, Omega Supreme , Drift , Jetfire , Brawl ,Blackout , Stinger,Jazz , Wreck Gar , Vector Prime or maybe even a Giant Transformers Masterpiece Unicron !! Comment Your Wish List ??


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