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Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave – Hasbro Figure


Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave W/5 Cassettes – Hasbro Figure + 5 Cassettes

Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave W/5 Cassettes – Hasbro Figure .Exclusive Import Item’s not available in normal Toy Stores.These Official Hasbro Action Figure’s fully Transform from Robot to Vehicle and they come in a beautifully designed Window Display Box Packaging .Ideal For Collectors Only !!

*Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave W/5 Cassettes – Hasbro Figure is a collector-oriented Hasbro Action Figure’s which began in 2013. It is composed entirely of retools and redecos of existing Hasbro Action Figure’s molds, which are presented in a Premium Collector’s packaging.


In 2014, the Transformers Platinum Edition Hasbro Action Figure’s presented the Age of Extinction series of figures with its own unique packaging designs as well as its own logo branding.In 2015 Transformers Platinum Edition Hasbro Action Figure’s were also issued in the Generation’s format.


Expect the same top quality craftsmanship ,stunning design & intricate details we have all learnt to expect from 1 of the world’s largest  Toy Company’s Hasbro Inc.

The Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave W/5 Cassettes – Hasbro Figure – Set range is a toy-line primarily focused on the collector market.The Toys are modern day revamps of the much loved Autobot’s & Decepticon’s characters based on the original G1 Transformers from the cartoon series in the 80’s

The Transformers Platinum Edition Soundwave W/5 Cassettes – Hasbro Figure are manufactured with today’s advanced engineering techniques.And the end products is a slick highly collectable ,fully articulated ,transformable toy version of many of the Classic G1 characters.


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  • Stay Tuned for all the Latest Transformers Platinum Edition  Product Update’s.Who will Hasbro produce next for the Transformers Platinum Edition Toy Line ? Possibly rumoured to get the Treatment next are Metroplex ,Dinobots Slug,Slag,Swoop,Slash,Wind Charger , Fortress Maximus , Hound , Blaster , Cyclonus, Fan favorite RC, Omega Supreme , Drift , Jetfire , Brawl ,Blackout , Stinger,Jazz , Wreck Gar , Vector Prime or maybe even a Giant Transformers Masterpiece Unicron !! Comment Your Wish List ??

7 x Real Transformers Cars – That Actually Transform !! BMW , VW , Merc


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