Shazam Star Zachary Levi Goes Comic Book Shopping

Comic Book Shopping is back, and it’s celebrating an especially big return because this new episode features none other than Shazam himself, Zachary Levi. Comic Book Shopping hosted by Collider Heroes’ Coy Jandreau gives guests the opportunity to tap into their inner comic book fan by spending some time browsing the racks at local comic book shops in Los Angeles. Past guests have included Michael Rooker, Michael Giacchino, Frank Miller and so many more industry heavyweights, and now we’re kicking off this new run of the show with an actual superhero.

Levi leads Shazam as the title character, while young Asher Angel steps in as his other half (so to speak), Billy Batson. When The Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) bestows magical powers upon 14-year-old Billy, all he has to do is utter the name “Shazam” and – BOOM! – Billy turns into a superhero with powers including super-strength, electricity manipulation, hyper-speed, the ability to purchase beer, and then some.

Levi recently carved out some time to swing by Golden Apple Comics and browse the aisles with Coy to discuss how he first got into comics, how surreal it is to play Shazam on the big screen, and to highlight some of their favorite comic books available right now. You can catch the self-proclaimed “man child,” Zachary Levi, on the Collider original series Comic Book Shopping using the video player at the top of this article. Also, be sure to catch Shazam in theaters starting April 5th and keep an eye out for brand new Comic Book Shopping installments coming to the Collider Video YouTube channel real soon!

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