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Fighter Pilots in Space – Star Wars X-Wing – Rogue Squadron

In this bi-weekly series reviewing classic science fiction and fantasy books, Alan Brown looks at the front lines and frontiers of the field; books about soldiers and spacers, scientists and engine… The X-Wings in outer space fighter action of the Rogue Squadron books is clearly a precursor for the new Star Wars animated TV show, Star Wars: Resistance,. Resistance follows the mis-adventures of Kazuda Xiono, who is a young pilot in the New Republic Navy [Navy in Space? Wait, What?]. He is assigned by the Resistance with infiltrating a star fighter racing syndicate as a spy within the growing First Order.

Star Wars Resistance series is set shortly before the events detailed in the movie The Force Awakens. So, the Rogue Squadron books feature those well known [not] characters like Wedge Antilles and other actors from the original trilogy movies as a link with the books. Star Wars: Resistance goes the same way by bringing in fighter pilot Poe Dameron and other heroes and miscreants from the most recent movies into the cartoon show.

Kaz is on the wrong side of immature for a pilot that has already graduated from the Navy Academy and serving as a fighter pilot. The humor was a bit broad, but the first episode of the series was flashy and enjoyable, focusing on the excitement of racing star fighters….

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For another take on the Star Wars Universe, check out this artwork.

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