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Write for Us

Write for us on Epic Heroes.London Entertainment & News Media Website.
Write for us on Epic Heroes.London Entertainment & News Media Website.

Here at EpicHeroes.com we are always looking for Guest Writers of Entertainment related Articles to Feature on our Website/ Blog & Social Media.

Can you produce well written Unique 500 word article’s based on Pop Culture Entertainment  ? i.e Toys, Comics, Movies ,TV Shows , Video Games , Art , Cosplay , Music , Tech or even Cool Shows on Netflix  ?

Then we would love to feature you !!

We Offer to Publish & Feature your Guest Post article on our Website www.epicheroes.com  for Free. Also includes Social Distribution.

  • Reach out to our Constantly  Growing Audience of Pop Culture Fans in 2021 !!

Basic Requirements  –

1/ Your Website / Blog Should be Entertainment Related and have a DA/ PA of over 30 for Mutual Cooperation.

2/ Well Written Unique Article Themed around POP Culture Entertainment. with Images , Video etc

Corporate Sponsored Content

We have a variety of Advertising Options for our Corporate Clients also . Get Featured on our Website & reach a Growing Audience of Pop Culture enthusiasts , who have an eager appetite for Entertainment related Products, Media & Services. Email us your Requirements

Available Website Banner Ads (monthly)

Banner Ad’s – 728 x 90 ,640 x 60  & 300 x 250 Banner – Average Monthly Impressions per Banner 30K

Why Network with EH ?

Here are some of the Industry Professionals who have worked with EH on their Content Marketing & Distribution 😁❤💯.

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Social Media Stats 2021

  • Combined Organic Follower Count 75 K – Pinterest ,Twitter,Facebook,Instagram & You Tube
  • Upto 1 Million Plus Unique Views per month.
  • 100 K plus Engaged Audience
  • 70% Male / 30% Female
  • Age Range – 15 -55
  • Most Visits USA & UK , China

Other Networks

We are also Looking for Guest Contributors on our Sister Sites.

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