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Videos – In this section you will find Trending Videos from all over the world wide web.


We only feature the very Best Trending Funny Videos,Trailers, Super Hero Videos , Cool Videos and  Music related video you must watch !!


Some of the Vid’s we feature are Fan Made and some are Official  Video produced by Giant Corporations for your viewing pleasure.

We use a variety of sources to offer the Best Video Content on the Net. Some of the Videos are Exclusive to EH including Hollywood Celebrity Interviews , Celebrity Red Carpet Events .Exclusive New Trailers , Custom made artwork Video created by EH

Some of our most popular Themed Video Include the Marvel Universe , DC Comics , Star Wars  , Manga ,Dragonballz ,Street Fighter , Resident Evil , Batman , Superman ,Justice League & more


Video Game related content is also very popular and we often feature video content from

Street  Fighter,Tekken,Sonic,Borderlands,Fallout,Halo,Grand Theft Auto,Call of Duty,Mario,Kingdom Hearts,Gears of War,Prey,Witcher,Overwatch,Mortal Kombat,Star Wars Battlefront.

Marvel Vs Capsom,Mass Effect,Fifa,Doom,Assassins Creed, Need for Speed,Sims,Farcry,Crash Bandicoot,Final Fantasy,God of War,Unchartered,Quake,Metal Gear Solid,Destiny 2,Red Dead Redemption ,Spider-man,Star Trek,Star Wars,Injustice 2,

Resident Evil,Minecraft,Tombraider.Bioshock Battlefield,Guitar Hero,Disney Infinity,WWE,Mafia,Dragon Quest,Moto Racer ,Watch Dogs ,Titanfall ,Skyrim,Killer Instincts,The Elder Scrolls,Lego Marvel Heroes,Skylanders,The Legend of Zelda,For Honour and loads more of the Best Games.

We often also feature Trending Video from the TV show universe. Including all the latest netflix shows , popular shows from hulu streaming services & Amazon Streaming Services

Movie videos – Latest Movies News

Movies Do you Love Them? Then frequently check this section for Latest Movie News,Trailers,Gossip & Reviews.

Here we will Feature Super Hero Movies,Sci Fi Block Busters,Action ,Video Game Flicks,Fantasy Films.Animated Films & More.

Expect to see Movie Related stuff from Marvel Studios, DC Comics ,Manga , Video Games , TV Shows & more.

Some of the Movie Publishers we will Feature Include:

  • Warner Bros – Warner Bros Global Publishing is a premiere and entertainment-license company that represents more than 2,100 animation characters, over 6,000 feature films and 12,000 hours of television programmes, including Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo.
  • Universal Pictures.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment (earlier known as Columbia-Tristar Pictures)
  • Walt Disney Studios.

New/Trailers from some of the Great Movie Distributors will feature here. Watch latest upcoming movie trailers in theaters now.

  • We also offer a whole host of Official Music videos from the world’s largest performers and also many other talented musicians.