Best Historically Inaccurate Movies of all Time

Movie lovers have tended to applaud movie producers and the movie industry as a whole even with Historically Inaccurate Movies. But trust us they do not want to look back at some of the movies that have been produced. Many movie lovers wouldn’t want to trace back the historical trivia of the movie. This article will explain why and how online pokies for real money benefit from big movie titles.

Shakespeare in Love  

Truth be told that the movie Shakespeare in Love carries a lot of glaring errors. To be more precise, a lot of things were very irrelevant and inaccurate mostly the way the players communicated. But the masterpiece it carries is the reason why most people still love it even today.


This action-packed film which was derived from the real battle that took place around 480 BC between the Spartans and the Persian army. For reality check purposes there have been more than 300 soldiers from the Sparta army. In fact, according to the real history, the soldiers were approximately 7000. But in this movie, they claimed it was around 300 warriors, probably to add online casino-like thrills to the flick. You can check out the best south african online casino to see related movie-themed slots such as Rambo, Rocky, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Tomb Raider and The Mummy just to name a few.

The Last Samurai

The action movie that starred Tom Cruise was one of the best when it was released but one of the most Historically Inaccurate Movies. The movie is set in Japan during the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion. The character of Tom Cruise was too fictional which was absolutely irrelevant for the storyline.

What makes The Last Samurai inaccurate is the fact that the movie includes Ninja warriors. This ninja group was not even there during the Satsuma Rebellion. Moreover, the film contains action scenes whereby swords were mostly used, side-lining the use guns which were also used during that time.

A Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe featured in the real-life movie based on math genius, Josh Nash. However, movie lovers and critics firmly condemned it. They implied that the film failed to accurately portray the actual man or even his mental illness.

In real-life Nash suffered from schizophrenia, and this was not manifested the right way round in the movie A Beautiful Mind.

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