(02) Acrylic Fluid painting Tutorial using blowdryer Galaxy colors dutch pour

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Here I am making a fluid painting using my dutch pour technique. Alex is behind the camera and he picked the colors for this fluid art painting. I love bright colors, small canvasses and just experimenting with it all. There will be more video’s/tutorials coming, if you like to follow me, you can subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon (so you will be notified whenever a new video is up). Also I’d very much appreciate any feedback. And of course I love to challenge myself, so if you have an idea, let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a try! Thanks for watching!

Tools used for this acrylic pouring:
Canvas, Torch, Gas (for torch), stirring sticks, cups & my blowdryer.

Colors used for this pour painting:
Winsor & Newton Galleria: Winsor blue with white(light blue), Violet, Turqouise
Amsterdam: Van Dyck Brown, White

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