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Our New EH Sports Media Channel will Feature Amazing content from the Sports Media World .Including Football , Basketball , Boxing  Olympics  , Tennis & more


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Celebrities – Watch our Huge Collection Celeb Videos Featuring Interviews with Cristiano Ronaldo , venus williams , Lionel Messi , Mike Tyson , Pele , Maradonna ,  naomi osaka , Kobe Bryant , Ian Wright , emma raducanu ,  Tyson Fury , Amir Khan , Shaquille O’ Neal , Anthony Joshua  ,Trent Alexander-Arnold, Lance armstrong , Roy Keane , Gareth Southgate , Logan Paul , Floyd Mayweather & even more Superstars


Teams – Only the Greatest Teams get videos made for them Including Manchester United  FC Barcelona , Chicago Bulls, Manchester City , Lakers & many others


The EH Sports Channel is a new way to watch your favorite Entertainment. . This channel also offers exclusive interviews, highlights, and analysis. You can even watch live games on your phone or tablet. The  Channel is the only place to get the most comprehensive coverage of your favorite entertainment .


EH New Channel Launches

Today marks the launch of EH Sports Channel, a new 24/7 network dedicated to sports.The Channel will offer live coverage of sporting events, as well as original programming and highlights.

“We’re excited to offer fans a new destination for sports,” . “Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just casual observer, we have something for everyone.”


Media is more popular than ever  / Why it’s newsworthy:

Media is more popular than ever, with new platforms and ways to consume content emerging all the time. This means that there are more opportunities than ever for sports fans to get their fix, whether it’s through traditional channels like television or new ones like social media.

No matter how you consume your sports content, one thing is for sure: there’s more of it out there than ever before, and it’s only getting more popular. So if you’re a fan, you’ll never be short on options.

EH Media is your one-stop shop for all things sports.

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