10 POKEMON as SUPERHEROES – (Sandslash/Wolverine, Mega Charizard/Batman and more!)

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I really love doing these Pokemon as Superheroes and Supervillains episodes. And this time I did the most I’ve ever done! I took 10 Pokemon (many of whom were very requested characters) and turned them into Heroes.

For many of these heroes I took inspiration from existing characters like Wolverine, The Thing, Heatblast from Ben 10, Batman Goku, Spawn, Juggernaut, Iron Fist, Black Canary… really a whole bunch of Marvel, DC and whatever else comics and shows.

Also, here is a spoiler alert, but the Pokemon I turn into superheroes in this episode are Lucario, Absol, Chesnaut, Mudkip, Mega Charizard X, Grudon, Primal Groudon, Sandslash, Grovyle and Blaziken.

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