10 Steps Painting A Room FAST and EASY

How to paint a room very fast. 10 steps to painting a room in 20 minutes. This is how we paint fast. Professional painting secrets.

The #1 cutin video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xdSm_kDYwsg

The tools you need are here in my tool store:

3M handmasker: http://t.ly/zZrH
9″ masking paper: https://t.ly/pQeU
Frog Tape 1”: https://t.ly/5LCw
E-Volution 18″ roller: https://t.ly/qOVMn
1 gallon paint tray: https://t.ly/ld5JB
Premier 4-8′ extension pole: https://t.ly/xaYf
Cover grip drop cloth: https://t.ly/tRzG
Hyde 5-in-1 tool: https://t.ly/rnweq
Caulking gun: https://t.ly/9RFF
Best Interior Paint Brush: https://t.ly/pv5V9
2 gallon paint bucket: https://t.ly/TaDI
1 gallon bucket grid: https://t.ly/cRMi
White dove roller covers: https://t.ly/B0W7n
3M spackle & primer: https://t.ly/ogmE
Ratchet caulking gun: https://t.ly/02Al3

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