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Jessica Nigri 40 x Image #Cosplay Gallery

jessica-nigri-cosplay-star-wars Jessica-Nigri-Star-Wars-hot-costume jessica-nigri-wampa-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-warcraft jessica-nigri-catwoman-cosplay jessica-nigri-houndoom-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-ratcoon jessica-nigri-ratcoon-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-red-riding-hood jessica-nigri-missmonday-cosplay jessica-nigri-blood-cosplay jessica-nigri-freddy-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-harley-quinn jessica-nigri-harley-cosplay jessica-nigri-harley-quinn-cosplay jessica-nigri-dead-cosplay jessica-nigri-blood-elf-cosplay jessica-nigri-rikku-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-pokemon2 jessica-nigri-cosplay-12 jessica-nigri-officer-cosplay jessica-nigri-juliet-starling-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-99 jessica-nigri-cosplay-2 jessica-nigri-cosplay-4 jessica-nigri-cosplay-9 jessica-nigri-veigar-cosplay jessica-nigri-mad-moxxi-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-6 jessica-nigri-cosplay--91 jessica-nigri-zelda-cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-8 jessica-nigri-cosplay-madi-mox jessica-nigri-cosplay-morrigan jessica-nigri-charizard-cosplay jessica-nigri-goku-cosplay jessica-nigri-mario-cosplay jessica-nigri-supergirl--cosplay jessica-nigri-cosplay-super-girl


Jessica Nigri 40 x Image #Cosplay Gallery

Jessica Nigri is a New Zealand/American cosplay celebrity, promotional model, YouTuber & voice actress.Jessica Nigri is the Queen of Cosplay with her cute next door girl looks & stunning costume designs.

Over the years Jessica Nigri has portrayed 100’s of Pop Culture Icons, Including Catwoman,Star Wars,Pokemon,
Zelda,Deadpool,Harley Quinn,Dragonball Z & many more.

A complete pro at what she does jessica frequently travels the world to appear at major comic cons for her
million’s of adoring fans !! She has over 1 million followers on youtube,2 Million on Instagram and over 4 Million on Facebook.

Visit Her Official Facebook Page Here

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