24 of the Greatest Comic Book story lines ever written.. List Format

24 of the Greatest Comic Book story lines ever written.. List Format

Greatest Comic Book / Top 24 – We all love a good story when we read it. But what sets good ones apart from the great ones? Today, we will be discussing the Greatest Comic Book story lines ever written. Since there are possibly millions of great stories to choose from, this will no doubt be difficult.

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Greatest Comic Book 24 / Essex County – (Top Shelf Productions)  Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire

Without any superpowers or fantasy elements, Jeff Lemire’s Essex County is an honest, real world drama about a small Canadian community and the families that inhabit it. This twisting character study is more like an indie film than a typical comic book. Lemire brings a visual flare to the whole thing that reminds us why this story could have only been told in this format.

Greatest Comic Book 23 / Sin City (Dark Horse Comics) – Writer/Artist: Frank Miller

In Frank Miller’s blood-soaked, neo-noir world, violence and hookers dominate a landscape that’s one of the most expansive and detailed that we’ve ever seen in a comic. This book is a black-and-white callback to the pulps tales of the ‘40s, and Miller pulls all of it off effortlessly.

Greatest Comic Book 22 / Daytripper (DC/Vertigo) Writers: Fábio Moon

It’s impossible to ignore the absolute brilliance. Every chapter in Vertigo’s 10-issue series begins with the retelling of an important event from different points of the life of obituary writer Bras de Olivias Dominguez, and each one closes with his sudden death. Then the next issue begins without him even knowing he died previously, and we’re shown the same routine throughout the entire series.

Greatest Comic Book 21 / Fables (DC/Vertigo) Writer: Bill Willingham

Vertigo had  2 decades of success in the 2000s with Fables. Impressively, Bill Willingham’s Fables proved that when you have a publisher willing to push the envelope of what a comic book can be, there will always be great books ready to dominate the market.

Greatest Comic Book 20 / The Invisibles (DC/Vertigo) Writer: Grant Morrison

What was Grant Morrison trying to achieve in The Invisibles story line ? Well you have to understand that he gained most of his inspiration after he claims, he was abducted by aliens in Kathmandu and given lots of narrative ideas for his Comic Book.

Greatest Comic Book 19 / The Punisher MAX  – Writer: Garth Ennis

The Punisher Comic Book was  severely toned down as the company attempted to market him to kids as a hip action hero with a ton of cool gadgets. But when Marvel finally brought the character into its mature MAX line with writer Garth Ennis, the kiddie story lines  were replaced with a devastating arsenal of weaponry and a cynical, sociopath outlook.

Greatest Comic Book 18 /  Y: The Last Man (DC) Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

The Best Selling Comic Book to come out of Vertigo in its post-Sandman days.

Y The Last Man Launched in 2002, it’s about a man named Yorick Brown, who is the last surviving man after a mysterious plague wipes out the world’s male population. Along with his pet monkey, Yorick goes on a journey to find out the origins of the plague and why he’s still alive….

Greatest Comic Book 17 / Bone – Image Comics – Writer/Artist: Jeff Smith

What Jeff Smith accomplished with the Comic Book for all ages in the Bone series  was revolutionary !! With his simplistic art style and dialogue, he created an epic tale, not far from Tolkien’s fantasy tales.The story covers the  hero’s journey.

Greatest Comic Book 16 / The Killing Joke / Writer: Alan Moore – Artist: Brian Bolland

One of the Best Comic Book Writers to emerge in the 80’s was the supremely talented Alan Moore. He established himself as a Comic Book Great with original titles  like V for Vendetta and Watchmen,

Alan Moore was also recruited by DC Comics to work on superheroes, like Superman, the Green Arrow, and Vigilante. However it was his work on Batman The Killing Joke which propelled him as one of the greatest Comic Book writers of all time. Nuff Said !!

Greatest Comic Book 15 / Sin City (Dark Horse Comics) Writer/Artist: Frank Miller

Have you seen the movie Sin City ?  In Frank Miller’s blood-soaked, comic book tale of extreme violence where hookers dominate the landscape you will be intrigued by his story telling.The Comic Book is a black and white calling to the 40’s..

Greatest Comic Book 14 / All-Star Superman – Writer: Grant Morrison / Artist: Frank Quitely

All-Star Superman was first released in 2005. It’s a mix of poetry, nostalgia, and lots of blockbuster action, you can expect from Morrison .He turned All-Star into a love letter to the world’s greatest superhero.

Grant Morrison was hired by DC Comics to strip down the Man of Steel to his bare essentials and market him for a broader audience.

Greatest Comic Book 13 / X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills – Writer: Chris Claremont / Artist: Brent Anderson

There are numerous  X-Men Comic Book titles that could have been included in this list.But if you are looking for one of the Best Ever stories you must read God Loves, Man Kills

The story revolves around  William Stryker who attempts to start a holy war against the entire mutant race….

Greatest Comic Book 12 / Swamp Thing (DC/Vertigo) – Writer: Alan Moore / Artist: Stephen Bissette

Before Alan Moore got involved on his run on Swamp Thing , the character was nothing more than a hideous looking beast !! Alan Moore put his legendary mark on Swamp Thing by introducing ideas that were modern and unique to American Comic Books.

Greatest Comic Book 11/ Hellblazer (DC/Vertigo) – Writer: Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis

DC Comics finally gave John Constantine his own critically acclaimed comic book  titled Hellblazer in 1988. It’s the only comic book on this list to feature a variety of artists and writers working together to bring a dark & mature comic feel.

Greatest Comic Book 10 / Ghost World (Fantagraphics Books) – Writer/Artist: Dan Clowes

Ghost World came out at the perfect time. In June 1993, America’s pop culture landscape became populated by jaded teenagers listening to punk, and suddenly mainstream, music. This book perfectly epitomized that movement.

 Greatest Comic Book 9 / V for Vendetta ( DC/Vertigo) – Writer: Alan Moore /Artist: David Lloyd

Since being published in 1982, V for Vendetta has been adapted into a major motion picture  and served as the logo of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

When the title first came out, there was nothing else like it on the Comic book Market. A combination of Batman and 1984V for Vendetta took a look at the dangers of an all-powerful government and the lone hero out to end its domination. At the center of it all was the faceless V, a hero known for wearing his now-iconic Guy Fawkes mask.

Greatest Comic Book 8/ Transmetropolitan (DC/Vertigo – Writer: Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan debuted through DC Comics.

A blend of political satire and science-fiction that skewered everything conventional readers held dear. Following the exploits of a misanthropic, drug-addicted, gonzo journalist named Spider Jerusalem, this book quickly became the manifesto to live by for the cynical comic book fan. At the time, it was rare for subjects like atheism and sex to be discussed in a series put out by a publisher like DC. Transmetropolitan, however, held nothing back

Greatest Comic Book 7/ Preacher – Writer: Garth Ennis /Artist: Steve Dillon

Garth Ennis landmark Comic Book title focused on a preacher, named Jesse Custer, from the small Texas town Annville.

Custer gets possessed by a creature known as Genesis, who, in the process, kills everyone in his congregation and bestows unnatural powers upon him. Genesis is the result of an affair between an angel and a demon, and when the it possesses Custer, it gives him abilities that rival God’s own.

Vertigo has been responsible for some of the most creatively daring comics to ever hit the mainstream. None of them, however, come close to being as blasphemous and dangerous as Garth Enni’s Preacher.

Greatest Comic Book 6 / Old Man Logan – Writer Mark Millar

This amazing story has been adapted into an epic cinema piece. It’s set in a dystopian future where the X-men and their allies have been killed off. An alternate version of Wolverine is one of the few mutants left on earth. The story, deeply satisfying follows the life of Wolverine as he takes a stand. The story features classic villains like Kingpin, Red skull as well as unusual ones like the Hulk

Greatest Comic Book 5/ Sandman – (DC/Vertigo) Writer: Neil Gaiman

This beautiful and sometimes deeply disturbing story was a masterpiece of its time. This critically acclaimed series told the story of Morpheus, an Endless that is literally the entity “Dream”. Set in the DC universe, this comic book was a stand out of its age. With excellent plot twists. And compelling moral arguments, this piece would etch its name for ages to come. Written by Neil Gaiman, this story speaks ws a trailblazer of it’s time and is an outstanding read anyday.

Greatest Comic Book 4/ Daredevil : Born Again: Writer Mark Miller

This epic piece of writing was published in 1986. It was written by the one and only Frank Miller. Born again follows the ordeal of the man without fear in the most haunting manner possible. After Wilson Fisk finds out the identity of Matt Murdoch, he sets out to destroy him. Despite all his courage, Matt is left with a deep fear that strikes a loud chord with the reader. The story follows Daredevil’s moments as a broken man and his pathway to rebuilding himself.

Greatest Comic Book 3 /Maus – Writer/Artist: Art Spiegelman

Maus was so good, that it became the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer prize. the story focuses on cartoonists, Art Spiegelman interviewing his father. It tells heartfelt stories of pain and loss, as well as hope and love. With deeply resounding imagery and wordplay, this helped bring comics out as a powerful storytelling medium. Even critics were almost unanimous in their agreement to its quality. Maus is an everlasting tribute to great comics and amazing writing.

Greatest Comic Book 2/ Watchmen – (DC/Vertigo) Writer: Alan Moore / Artist: Dave Gibbons

Watchmen needs no introduction. The series follows a dystopian world where superheroes might just be as dangerous as the villains. Watchmen leads us on a journey that was both intense and amazing. Layered with clever dialogue and imaginative storytelling it is truly groundbreaking. The discourse on politics and everyday life created a connection in ways many other comics failed to do. There is arguably no piece of comic book writing, better than this one.

Greatest Comic Book 1/ Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Writer: Frank Miller 

After 10 years on the sidelines, Batman returns into action. He fights to make sure he can secure Gotham’s future from those holding it hostage. This epic story, written in 1986 was an instant sensation. It’s consistently ranked among the best Batman stories ever. Raising moral and ethical questions, this piece was a true beauty. Batman standing for everything the common man entails and yet, being rejected by the common man. This comic book was written by Frank Miller and is one of the most epic pieces of writing in his resume.

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