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The Mountain Sets The Tone For Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones FinaleImage by Silentplot via Pixabay
Game of Thrones Finale, the American fantasy drama that has quite literally taken the world by storm. Political plot twists, ultra-violence, ruthless kings and a tangled web of allegiances, has earned the show a reputation for excitement and grandiosity; as noble houses, double-crossers and unassuming whisperers, challenge to rule Westeros. As viewers quickly learn, no-one is safe when playing the game of thrones. The 2019 release of season eight will mark the end of the Game of Thrones as we know it. So, it comes as no surprise that people are expecting the show to go out with a bang. As you’d expect, everybody involved in the creation of bringing The Iron Throne to our TV screens shrouds each new series in almost complete mystery. However, that doesn’t stop the teasers – as Icelandic behemoth and former world strongest man, “Thor” Bjornsson who plays “The Mountain”, had this to say when speaking to The Express: “The only thing I can tell you is that it will be epic.”

One of the most anticipated moments of the Game of Thrones Finale season eight is the inevitable throw-down between “The Mountain” and his ferocious younger brother, Sandor Clegane – known as “The Hound”. Once unified under the same banner, the brothers are known as bloodthirsty warriors on the battlefield who are now in allegiance with opposing forces. Fight scenes in the televised world of Westeros are notorious for being violent, bloody and outrageously over-the-top. The pair almost clashed swords in series one – so it’s certainly easy to see why the excitement it real for what theorists are calling “Cleganebowl”.

Game of Thrones Finale

Image by 4317940 via Pixabay

Officially scheduled for release some-time in 2019, the show’s dedicated army of obsessives broke the internet in their outcry at an almost two-year hiatus. But, fortunately for them, Game of Thrones is a huge world-wide franchise, and fans have more than the TV show at their disposal to get their Westeros fix. If binge-watching re-runs is not enough, travelling enthusiasts can storm Winterfell themselves with a visit to Belfast’s Ballygally Castle or even take a Game of Thrones inspired Glamping Mini Break. However, there’s plenty out there for those who’d rather sail for the Iron Islands, or ride with the Dothraki from the comfort of their own home. Such as conquering the official Monopoly board game or capturing Lannister gold playing Game of Thrones-themed slots as part of over 420 games from Zodiac Casino. The latter is just one of the dozens of officially licensed games created in recent years for online casinos, but the fact that GoT was chosen for it further shows its impact on pop culture.

Game of Thrones Finale

Image by Katrina_S via Pixabay

The show wrapped up its seventh series back in 2017 – on the cusp of all-out war in Westeros. Fans have never been quiet to voice their opinions on the lengthy production time, and were quick to express their agony on social media. However, many argue HBO’s big-budget production values and their on-location filming in the picturesque backdrops of Ireland, Canada, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco more than make up for the wait. At only six episodes long, series seven ran at a grand total of seven hours and twenty minutes – with each instalment more bombastic than the last. Episode seven, the season finale, came in at a whopping eighty-one minutes – which is legitimately just as long as a short movie. HBO certainly didn’t pull the punches, taking a quality over quantity approach that Game of Thrones Finale has set a standard for all over the planet. Their dedication to go above and beyond – to shock and awe their audience – has turned the fantasy world George RR Martin created into a worldwide franchise. Now, let’s hope for that really epic ending.

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