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SHAZAM Trailer SDCC 2018 Official Teaser Trailer Comic Book Movie News

Shazam Trailer SDCC 2018 Official Teaser Trailer is a total breath of fresh air.  In terms of Comic Book Movie News its a show stealer.

DC have had a big presence at SDCC 2018 and the Shazam trailer does not disappoint! Zachary Levi playing Shazam looks like a superhero who may go through an entire movie where he is not brooding. Shazam looks like hes actually enjoying his powers and we think the world needs a hero like this vs the brooding Superman and grumpy Batman.

Online Polls and feedback seem to suggest this trailer was better received than Aquaman which also looks awesome!

SHAZAM Trailer

We’re not 100% sure about the costume i.e not sure if it looks mega budget blockbuster and more like cosplay budget from Walmart but hey… It looks like a fun movie and we can’t wait to see how Batman, Wonder Woman and Supes react to him. And we love that Shazam does the Floss dance. Fortnite fans will be especially happy lol!

As a reminder more serious trailers here are the ones from Superbowl 2018 . Follow the Shazam Twitter as its going to be a while before we see this movie in theatres.

Shazam SDCC 2018 Teaser Trailer
Shazam SDCC 2018 Teaser Trailer

The Official DC Extended Universe or Worlds of DC Shazam teaser trailer. This looks great and worlds away from the darkness of Batman vs Superman and Justice League

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