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AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Trailer 2 Whatever it Takes

Rocket War Machine

AVENGERS 4 ENDGAME Trailer 2  is here folks. And we are going to watch it Whatever it Takes :-). The Avengers 4 Endgame trailer will give you goosebumps in so many bits. New team [old members and one or two new ones]. New costumes at least for part of the …

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Star Wars Resistance First Order Spy

First Order Spy

Who is the Star Wars Resistance First Order Spy? After Torra’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue by Major Vonreg, the First Order sends a contingent of Stormtroopers to the Colossus in order to hunt down the pirate spy in this clip from “The First Order Occupation.” So who is the Star …

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Pixar in Concert in April 2019

Pixar in Concert

Pixar in Concert Join Pixar for the unmissable Pixar in Concert in April 2019! OMG!!! Can’t believe it’s back! Saw it at Royal Albert Hall a few years back! Such an amazing experience. Get tickets for this show of a lifetime, as a live symphony orchestra brings all the amazing …

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Captain Marvel Review by Marvel Fan

Captain Marvel Review

Have you read a Captain Marvel Review by a Marvel Fan? There be potential spoilers ahead peoples. This is a FAIR Captain Marvel Review I’m a Marvel fan. Nuff Said. I’m also a comic book movie fan. So even when comic book movies are wrong, I’ll still think they are …

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Bumblebee Movie Sequel

Bumblebee Movie Sequel

The Bumblebee director confirmed ideas for a Bumblebee Movie Sequel as the Transformers prequel was released. Bumblebee did well at cinemas worldwide and the reviews were as strong as they are. Will there be a follow up to the Transformers Prequel? It had a 94 percent approval rating on Rotten …

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DC Universe Titans Finale End Credit Scenes

DC Titans All

Have you seen DC Titans yet? It is on DC Universe in the States and Netflix in the UK. It concluded its first season with a heck of an ending. The program treated us to a fantastic ending and also end credit scenes that introduce a few prominent DC characters …

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Manga Exhibition British Museum London

Manga Exhibition British Museum in association with Citi. The largest ever Manga exhibition outside of Japan pops up in the British Museum for a closer look at the Japanese graphic style. Find out about manga’s global appeal, its crossover with other art forms and its worldwide influence. 23 May-26 August. …

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EpicHeroes Magazine Edition Mar 2019

epic mag

Epic Heroes Magazine Edition Mar 2019 125 posts, 117 pages from Feb 2019 you may have missed. Packed full of boredom busting posts, videos and news. Perfect for long commutes, flights and journeys Available in PDF and Web [scroll below] Featuring Gag Reels, Hilarious Bloopers, Trailers, Comic Art, Videos, Memes, Funny Videos,Comics, …

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Star Wars Episode 9 A New Hope Connection

Star Wars Episode 9

JJAbrams and Chris Terrio have big plans for Star Wars Episode 9, not just by connecting it to the prequel trilogy era, but also the original trilogy itself. One thing that genuinely look forward to in Star Wars Episode 9 is exactly how JJ Abrams will be connecting this film …

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