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Aquaman: From Film to Slots

Aquaman Armour

The DC Superhero franchise is enormous, no one could have guessed that the comics of yesterday could have become the blockbuster films of today, but that is precisely what happened. Aquaman is one of the latest big-screen movies to take the box office by storm and as you would expect …

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Folio Society: Two New Sci-Fi Titles

Folio Society Two New Titles

Where Science Fiction Meets History The Folio Society Create a Striking Edition of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred – A Novel of Time Travel and Slavery Octavia E. Butler is one of the most important figures in speculative fiction history; a pioneering African American author who won multiple awards and changed the very …

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The Accords – The Heroes We Need

The Accords

An evil force has risen to power in the United States. Violence is ravaging the country. Civil Liberties are being threatened. Never has the nation been so divided. However, with the rise of division must come unity. A greater good emerges to balance the rise of evil. Who are The …

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Video Game to Slot Conversions That Really Work

Video Game to Slot Conversions

When it comes to Video Game to Slot Conversions, there are a number of iconic characters and images that immediately spring to mind, and it is therefore of no surprise that a number of them have been transformed into iconic slot machine games, that enable adults, who fondly remember the …

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Top 5 Casino Movies with Epic Heroes

Casino Royale movie

There are lots of movies that use the casino as part of the backdrop. Casinos have a great look and feel that translates well on film and draws in the audience, but of course, the scenery is only part of the story. The characters have to be relatable and make …

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The Role Wes Anderson Plays in Modern Culture

Wes Anderson Movies

Fellow cinephiles, let’s play a game of association. Cinema, extreme symmetry, childish adult protagonists and an attentively selected colour gamut – odds are that a majority of you thought of Texas-born and raised movie director Wes Anderson. Anderson has sculpted his carefully curated self-image through one of a kind approach …

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