How to Self Publish Your Comic Book – Comic Book Movie News

How to Self Publish Your Comic Book – Comic Book Movie News

Self Publish Your Comic Book – It is very rare that heavy hitters in the comic  industry will ever hire a comic book artist out of nowhere, so to self-publish your Comic , has been somewhat like a rite of passage for many comic artist wannabes.

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With the abundance of online resources at hand, you can easily start a comic project anytime and anywhere you may be. Just try looking up “how to self publish a comic book” online and you’ll see gazillions of references, services, and other resources to guide you. These days, bringing your stories and visual art to life through self-publishing has never been easier.

Choosing a Self Publish Comic Book Format

There are two options to  self publish – print and digital publishing. Print publishing is definitely every aspiring comic book creator’s ultimate goal, however, the costs that come with it can crush your plan even before you get started. Don’t get discouraged though. Online printing companies such as Mixam can cater to different budgets and allow you to have full creative control of the printing process. Digital publishing, on the other hand, is perfect for comic creators who have a shoe-string budget. It is relatively cheaper, however, if your purpose is to monetize your work, it may take a while before you achieve your goal. It also wouldn’t be as profitable as a compared to a printed comic’s.

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Because many comic creators get overwhelmed with the abundance of information on self-publishing, we’ve rounded up the basic steps on how to self publish a comic and to help you walk through the process.

  1. Create your comic book. Everything starts with a killer comic book concept. Your storyline, script, and illustrations will all depend on it, so it’s important to get those ideas flowing. Even if you have a well-written script and good visuals, you’ll still end up with a bad comic book if you have a weak concept to start with.
  1. Print your comic book. Once you’re done with your comic book from cover to cover, it’s now time to have it printed. Today, it is now possible for you to have your comic book printed anytime and anywhere you may be. Just go to your printer’s website, place your order, upload your files, settle your payment, and wait for your copies to be delivered. It’s so simple and convenient. Should you decide to publish your comic book digitally, you may skip this step and proceed to the next step.
  1. Market and publish your comic  Apart from the quality of your work, your visibility, reach, and readership all contribute to the success of your comic. Take advantage of social media and comic conferences to showcase your work. Remember, as a self-publishing comic creator, it’s your sole responsibility to market and publish your book.

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Why Self Publish Your Comic Book?

Ultimately, the best part about self-publishing your comic book is that you are in control. Full control. You have control over the concept, the storyline, the visuals, the printing, the marketing, and everything in between. It’s all up to you.

Another reason why self-publishing rocks is that you have the complete freedom to choose what material to work on. Being an “indie” publisher, you are free to create comics that are out of the box. Most mainstream comics, if not all, focus on the commercial viability of their materials. They always use tried and tested and cookie cutter formulas in creating a comic book. Being an independent publisher allows you to create more cutting edge and radically creative concepts.

If you’re a newbie and you publish your comic’s through a traditional publisher, the chances of earning is almost as good as nothing. Publishers get a huge chunk of your what your comic book makes leaving you with a measly royalty fee. Yes, it’s great for exposure, but if you really want to make good money out of it, then self-publishing is the way to go.

Although traditionally published comics is still your best bet in reaching a bigger market and becoming a world-renowned comic artist, self-publishing a couple of comics can help you hone your craft and teach you the ins and outs of the comic industry especially if you’re just starting out.


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