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Manga Anime Elite Statues by Figurama Collectors – Epic Heroes Presale

Manga Anime Elite Statues by Figurama Collectors – Epic Heroes Presale

Figurama Collectors – Manga Anime Elite Statues – Trigun Exclusive 1/4 Vash 20th Anniversary Edition.

Figurama Collectors The Trigun Vash 20th Anniversary Edition in 1/4 scale Elite Exclusive statue stands over 65 cm tall and over 75 cm width with his iconic energetic and dynamic pose dodging a barrage of bullets while capturing and freezing the moment when he swiftly shoots a steady bullets from his iconic AGL Arms .45 Long Colt revolver sculpted to the tiniest details by the renowned sculptor David Giraud who sculpted Trigun Vash statue in this dynamic details nailing down the great details.

It’s hand painted by Three Eyes Studio with many layers of premium paint to give the depth to the statue and bring it to life which we believe it’s high level of painting.

Trigun Vash Anniversary Edition will come with a golden badge that can be displayed on a stand, the size of the badge is 8 x 8 cm which will add to the premium look and feel of the statue.Figurama Collectors

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Figurama Collectors   Figurama Collectors

Figurama Collectors

Figurama Collectors Features:

– 1/4 scale Elite Exclusive statue massive in size.
– The official 20th Anniversary Edition.
– Comes with Certificate and Golden badge that carries the Anniversary logo 8x8cm.
– Sculpted by the renowned sculptor David Giraud.
– Extreme paint depth and details by Three Eyes Studio
– Made of Eco-friendly Polystone.


Manga Anime Elite Statues by Figurama Collectors – Tokyo Ghoul Fandom Diorama 1/6 Kaneki vs Jason.

Figurama Collectors  

The first statue in Figurama Collectors Elite Fandom line captures Tokyo Ghoul’s season finale showdown between half-ghoul Kaneki and his deranged tormentor, 13th Ward’s Jason.

The Figurama Collectors Rearing 63 cm high on the newly-spawned fourth tentacle of his crimson kagune, Kaneki hovers in midair as Jason lunges up to meet him, snarling and bearing his incomplete clawed kakuja. The cracked tile floor of Jason’s torture chamber erupts with cinematic Easter Eggs as predator and prey throw themselves into combat-knocking aside trays of torture instruments, a bucket of blood, and the rusty chair that restrained Kaneki for over 10 days. A Chinese red-headed centipede scuttles past Jason’s discarded mask. Most ominous of all, a single white carnation lies beneath the carnage, dyed with sanguinary flecks that foreshadow its transformation into a spider lily-and Kaneki embracing his inner ghoul.

Figurama Collectors

Figurama Collectors is Crafted from premium polystone and painstakingly hand-painted, the 1/6-scale spectacle hangs frozen in time over a base intricate enough to display solo. The circular stand is studded with iconic ghoul masks crafted by Uta, representing the division between the peaceful and terrorist factions of Anteiku and Aogiri. Transparent panes with flickering LED lighting highlight the masks and recreate the eerie urban tone of the anime.

Figurama Collectors

Sold in a highly-limited, 600-piece release,Figurama Collectors exclusive Tokyo Ghoul diorama includes optional heads for both Kaneki and Jason. As a bonus, the diorama includes two weathered stands embellished with the cryptic Tokyo Ghoul logo, so collectors can conveniently and attractively display the secondary Kaneki and Jason heads like miniature 1/6-scale busts alongside the diorama.

Figurama Collectors Product Size: 63 x 44 x 35 cm

Manga Anime Elite Statues by Figurama Collectors – Ragnarök Elite Diorama Thor

Figurama Collectors is proud to present the first statue straight from the Ragnarök Comics, Thor!

Figurama Collectors – Made of premium polystone and PU materials, Figurama’s Ragnarök Thor Elite Diorama statue is freezing a breathtaking moment in time, the dynamic movement of Thor’s body illustrates his determination to avenge his fellow slain gods by shattering every Draugr and renegade in his way. The ferocious power of Mjolnir is celebrated with vivid thunder circular trails as Thor swings the heavy hammer behind his head.

Figurama Collectors Stand’s 46 centimeters (over 18 inches) tall, our exclusive collectible figure depicts an impressive Thor battling a legion of new enemies. The base is a melting pot of elements found throughout the comic, including ruins, urban landscapes and enemies. These images combine to paint a complete picture of the adversities that the Thunder God must face on his dangerous quest to return to Asgard. The surrounding Draugrs are carefully posed to add a sense of movement and impending danger as they encircle the mighty Viking god.

Figurama Collectors Features:

– Limited to 200 pcs WorldWide
– Each statue will be hand signed by the author Walter Simonson
– It will come with a certificate stating that it is the 1st statue ever made for Ragnarök Thor Comic by Walter Simonson and it will be hand signed by him as well
– 1st issue of Ragnarök comic for free inside the statue box as digital code
– Hand painted with premium colors
– Made of Eco-friendly Polyresin.

Manga Anime Elite Statues by Figurama Collectors – Hellsing Exclusive Alucard

Figurama Collectors

Figurama Collectors is Based on the OVA series “Hellsing: Ultimate” the commanding 67 cm tall Alucard statue freezes in time every fascinating detail of the apocalyptic Battle of London. In a final deathly blow, the egotistical vampire in his release state unleashes his army of trapped souls to defeat the onslaught of Vatican forces. Figurama sculpted a statue depicts the terrified Letzte Battalion falling into Alucard’s swirling sea of familiars as the wave of blood swells with hundreds of powers and personalities.

The Figurama Collectors team has a thirst for capturing the moments that we love. Our creations are not just an item that sits on a shelf. They are works of art with complex dynamic designs that collectors can cherish for a lifetime.

Each Figurama Collectors  sculpture is hand carved from the highest quality polysresin. Master of the 3D artists Jesse Sandifer nailed every vivid detail, from Alucard’s Victorian-era crimson cravat and duster to the Baskerville Hound’s vicious fang-filled mouth to the stunned expressions of the souls getting sucked into the surge of blood. The Concept artist Evan Lee did a great job translating the Figurama vision into this awesome concept art.

Figurama Collectors

Figurama Collectors Details:

– Elite Exclusive Series that measures 67 x 57 x 52 cm
– Limited to 400 pcs worldwide
– Highly details sculpt by Jesse Sandifer
– Concept Art by the renowned artist Evan Lee
– Painted by Mikiya Takahashi “Hellpainter”
– Official numbered Certificate of Authenticity
– Two switchable heads, The Classic head and Hellsing Ultimate head
– Hand painted with premium colors
– Made of Eco-friendly Polystone

Figurama Collectors




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