Custom Marvel Legends Mutants, Heroes Baddies

Do you like your Custom Marvel Legends ? If you could create your own Custom Action Figure Marvel Legend which would you pick? Would you pick a character from a particular storyline or any incarnation of a particular character. I mean Cyclops has had 1 gazillion iterations in comics and toys so there you go…

Here are some Custom Marvel Legends we stumbled upon on Ebay. Awesomes I’m sure you will agree.

Dani Moonstar Custom Marvel Legends from New Mutants, X-Men, click the link to see it on Ebay.

custom marvel legends dani moonstar
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Who remembers the White Tiger? He was a criminally under-used character in Marvel Comics. Here he is:

customs marvel legends white tiger


How about Black Tarantula Marvel Legends? This guy won’t get made by Hasbro any time soon. But he looks awesome. For those that dont know him, he was a Spider-man baddy.

black tarantula
This version of Rogue is when Uncanny X-Men comics were around issue 200. Just before she lost her powers to Nimrod. Remember?

rogue marvel legends

We could literally spend hours listing them all as there are so many. Have a look at more here.

To look at the Marvel Legends in images below click this way custom marvel legends

custom marvel legends ebayeven more custom marvel legendsmarvel legends customs

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