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@epicheroesuk Instagram – 15 x Amazing Short Music Video Compilation

@epicheroesuk Instagram – 15 x Amazing Short Music Video Compilation

@epicheroesuk Instagram – 15 x Amazing Short Music Video Compilation .Check out some incredible musical talent from these Artists featured from our Instagram page.And several of our Custom Made Video edits.

@epicheroesuk Instagram Music Video Compilation

@epicheroesuk Instagram 1/ First up is a awesome Cover of #metallica #one on 1 Acoustic Guitar 💯😁
Totally Incredible 1 Man Band 🎶💪🙏👍 Artist Feature @mike_dawes


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 2/ Music Video Compilation Really Cool NYC Acid Jazz Buskers. (o: @luckychops


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 3/ God Dam this Great Band @thisispvris 
Live from London O2 Arena .ASAP


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 4/ epicheroesuk @thisispvris St Patrick – The Peanuts edition. Just 4 Fun,Music Video Compilation


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 5 The #glorious#brilliance of #eminem on 1  #Guitar.How Fast can your mind work ?Music Video Compilation


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 6/ Absolutely Nutty Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name Cover but on Toy Instruments…. Music Video Compilation


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 7 / EH Custom made Video  EH Short Scifi Film – Rise 🎥📹💻 “Little minds are tamed & subdued by misfortune ; but Great Minds rise above them ” 😩💯✔💪 ..Music by Famous Drum & Bass Artist @Beethoven 👈🎅


@epicheroesuk Instagram – 8/  Elevate to Hyperspace !! Thank You for having the guts to dare Elon Musk @richardbranson@jeffbezos 🙏👩‍🚀 EH Short Sci-fi Film – Elevate 💪 Follow @epicheroesuk 4 NEW Custom Videos 😍🙏🎥📹💻👍


@epicheroesuk – 9 / Astro Chill Vibes EH Custom Music Video Compilation  😘 Watch the Extra Chill Video to get Good Luck in 2019 😜🎂🍺🍔 #nobs #peace#2019#takecare#chow4now


@epicheroesuk  10 / New Fav Tune From the Best Selling Video Game God of War.Memories of Mother edit by @eivormusic@Tag GOW Fan Folo @epicheroesuk for More Custom Made Video Edits 🎶🔊🙄


@epicheroesuk  11 / Transformers Dark of the Moon Car Chase Scene.Custom EH Techno edit. Never in 100 years did i imagine That one day i would be editing Transformers Movies…😁 ( childhood fan ) Just 4 Fun 🚘🎶Video footage Courtesy of @transformersofficial & @paramountmovies from Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon .Banging Tune by 🎶♨️💯by Miza The Return 🤞/ Play it Loud ✔ on Desktop.Watch Full Scale HD Video on our You Tube Channel.


@epicheroesuk – 12 / EH Custom Music Video Compilation .Look out for the Writing on the Wall 👈Mi Fav Track of all Time 🎧💯 By the Legendary @steviewondergenius


@epicheroesuk 13 – epicheroesuk #Broken 😣 A short Tribute Video to @therealstanlee.
* Even Started Balling making this Video.😏😢😭😢 Such sad News 😔 Thank You For The Colour’s & all the Magical Heroes.


@epicheroesuk  14 – Real Robot Rock Band is pretty impressive with AC/DC Cover.
😁♨️🤘⚡🔥🔊 @ Tag a Music Fan


 15 I fear no man , no beast or evil brother !!  Hulk Smash Follow us @epicheroesuk 👈 for New Marvel edit’s all the Time. 💯🔥⚡👊 Peace ♥️



Thanks for Watching stay tuned for Gallery 2 Music Video Compilation.


Massive Attack Teardrop Cover by Aurora – Epic Heroes Music Video edit


Blur Tender Performed by 1000 x Rocking Musicians – Amazing Music Video



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