Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Video Game Trailer – Ubisoft

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Video Game Trailer – Ubisoft

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Video Game Trailer – Ubisoft.Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint  is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft. It is due to be released worldwide on October 4, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is the eleventh installment in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise and is a narrative sequel to the 2017 video game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Like its predecessor Wildlands, Breakpoint is a tactical shooter game set in an open world environment. It is played from a third-person perspective and uses an optional first-person view for aiming weapons. Players play as members of the Delta Company, First Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, also known as “Ghosts”, a fictional elite special operations unit of the United States Army under the Joint Special Operations Command. The game world, Auroa, is an open world environment that features a variety of landscapes, and these can be used for tactical advantages. For instance, players can slide down rocky terrain and use mud to camouflage themselves. There are a variety of ways to transverse in the open world. Players can control various air, land and sea vehicles, some of which are military vehicles with mounted weapons.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The game is planned to launch with four character classes. Ubisoft announced plans to make more classes available through post-launch updates. Each class has its own abilities, such as the panther being able to throw smoke bombs and sharpshooter being able to hold their breath longer in order to aim their weapons. The player will be able to switch between classes in-game. Players have to gather intelligence in order to progress in the game and can use a variety of methods to approach missions. As in previous titles in the franchise, they can utilize a variety of weapons in combat, with the player’s repertoire expanded to include combat drones and rocket launchers to kill enemies. Alternatively, they can use stealth and silently neutralize opponents. In Breakpoint, players are equipped with a torch gadget that allows them to breach through fences. Players can carry corpses away and hide them so that enemies would not become alerted. Fallen enemies will leave loot for players to collect. Fallen teammates can be carried away behind cover in order so as to revive them safely.

The game places a larger emphasis on survival than Wildlands. Enemies will be more numerous and the game will feature a wider range of enemy archetypes. These enemies will have access to many of the same weapons, skills and equipment that are available to the player. Enemies will respond more realistically to player actions and patrols wander the game world searching for the player. Ubisoft introduced these changes to give the player the sense that they were “no longer the most dangerous thing in the game world”. Players need to collect different resources in the game’s world and use them to craft resources such as bandages. Regular weapon maintenance checks are necessary to keep the weapons functional and the player will need to manage their character’s fatigue, hunger and hydration. Failing to do so may slow the player down, limit their ability to regenerate health, or cause them to make more noise while moving. The game uses a regenerative health system whereby the player character naturally recovers health, but serious injuries will impede the player character’s performance, as they will start limping and can no longer aim their weapon accurately. Players can set up a bivouac shelter in order to heal themselves. The shelter is also the site where players can customize their character and change the character’s classes. The game can be played with three other players cooperatively, though unlike Wildlands, there will not be any squadmates controlled by artificial intelligence in the game’s single-player mode. Unlike previous Ghost Recon titles, Breakpoint will require a constant internet connection to play.

The game’s story features dialogue choices. These will not affect the main narrative, but instead enable players to gain intelligence that may aid in their missions. A competitive multiplayer mode will be released at launch, and endgame content such as raids are set to be introduced post-release.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint Premise

The game is set in the year 2023, four years after the events of Wildlands. The story takes place on Auroa, an island in the South Pacific owned by billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Jace Skell. Skell is the founder of Skell Technology, a blue chip company producing drones for commercial applications, but which has also found success as a military contractor developing cutting-edge equipment for the United States government. Skell purchased Auroa with a vision of turning it into a hub for the design, research, development and production of artificial intelligence and drone technology. The island is made up of a series of individual biomes including marine estuaries and wetlands, arboreal forests, snow-capped mountains and active volcanoes.source wiki



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