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2019's Absolute Best Horror Movies

Gorehounds agree: It’s a great time to be a horror fan. And though 2020 promises its fair share of dark delights, it’d be a shame if you missed any of the macabre horror highlights of 2019. Prepare to scream.

The wide open spaces of the American frontier are often romanticized by classic westerns, but The Wind recognizes the terror and existential dread at the heart of those vast, desolate lands.

The debut film from director Emma Tammi follows a tough frontierswoman named Lizzy, played by Caitlin Gerard. She’s clearly haunted by all the emptiness that surrounds her – not to mention the ever-present, chilling wind howling across the plains.

Despite reassurances from her husband, Lizzy becomes increasingly convinced that some sort of demonic presence is tormenting her. But is something supernatural really to blame, or is the root of all her horror simply loneliness?

It’s a question that’s bound to haunt anyone who braves this atmospheric slow burn of a horror film.

The Hole in the Ground is a thoroughly unnerving movie. In his feature film debut, Irish writer and director Lee Cronin tells the story of a mother and son hoping to escape their troubled past by moving to a remote countryside village. Needless to say, trouble eventually finds them there, too.

There’s something quite disturbing about their new home… especially that enormous sinkhole in the nearby woods. Keep watching the video to see 2019’s absolute best horror movies!

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The Wind | 0:16
The Hole in the Ground | 1:03
Crawl | 1:59
The Perfection | 2:35
Ready or Not | 3:31
Bliss | 4:22
Sweetheart | 5:17
Depraved | 5:54
Hagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse | 6:46
Greta | 7:24
Tigers Are Not Afraid | 8:22
Little Monsters | 9:14
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark | 9:55
Midsommar | 10:37
Us | 11:36

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