First Fast And Furious 9 Footage Shows Vin Diesel’s Character As A Father

I mean, how cute is that? It looks like Dom and Letty are taking to parenthood well. But don’t worry, they’re still looking like badasses while raising Brian.

This first clip from The Fast and the Furious 9, which comes to us from Vin Diesel’s personal Facebook, opens on Dom and his son on his farm house. Seemingly in a life of retirement, he teaches his young son about cars and tools, as the little guy hands him the tools to get to work. Its’s a sweet moment, and one far from the high stakes of Dom’s Fate of the Furious plot line.

We see Dom and Letty living a happy life, one that has seemingly put their fast moving vehicles in the garage for good. After all, the consequences of their lifestyle are more severe, as they don’t want their son to live without a parent. Dom tells Brian that he’ll always be in his heart, in a line that certainly seems ominous. Could F9 be Vin Diesel’s last race?

Aside from Dom’s lines, things get all the more ominous when Letty enters the scene to help tuck in their son. She gives Brian the cross Dom once gave her, which will protect him from “what’s coming.” Clearly their peaceful existence is about to be interrupted, and it sounds like the stakes are going to be especially high. 

The Fast and the Furious 9‘s plot has been kept under wraps, but clearly answers are arriving shortly. The highly anticipated blockbuster will feature the return of director Justin Lin who is helming his whopping sixth installment in the franchise. The usual cast of characters will be back, with the exception of Dwayne Johnson. Jordana Brewster will return as Mia Toretto, with other familiar faces including Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron. 

There will also be some exciting newcomers making their Fast and Furious debut in the upcoming ninth movie. John Cena has been praising the upcoming movie, and pop culture sensation Cardi B also has a mysterious role. Also featured is Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker.

More details will be revealed when The Fast and the Furious‘ full trailer arrives this coming Friday. The movie will hit theaters on May 22nd. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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