Mandatory Streamers: Radcliffe Returns in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

Mandatory Streamers: Radcliffe Returns in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

Mandatory Streamers: Radcliffe returns in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

Welcome to Mandatory Streamers, our column covering the best new streaming content coming your way every week! For the week of January 27, Daniel Radcliffe returns for the second installment of TBS’ anthology series, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, which finds the character in the medieval period as he tries to live up to his father’s expectations of him. Check out the best shows debuting and returning online this week as well as the latest renewal announcements below and be sure to visit our mother site Mandatory by clicking here!


Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, Season 2 Premiere: The second season sees the return of lead stars Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) in a story about family, friendship and trying to avoid being murdered. Set in the medieval era, the new season will follow a group of villagers as they try to stay positive in an age of extreme economic inequality, poor healthcare, and widespread ignorance. Worse yet, their king is a bumbling ruler who treats his fowl and ducks better than his own subjects. The new season will premiere on Tuesday, January 28, and will be available to stream on the TBS site and Hulu.


BoJack Horseman, Season 6 Premiere: In season 6B, a reporter digs into the circumstances surrounding Sarah Lynn’s death that happened in the show’s fourth season. Hollyhock goes to a party in New York City. The series will return on Friday, January 31.

Taylor Swift: Miss America, Documentary Premiere: The documentary is a raw and emotionally revealing look at one of the most iconic artists of our time during a transformational period in her life as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice. The doc will launch on Friday, January 31.

Ragnarok, Series Premiere: The new superhero series takes place in a small Norwegian town that is poisoned by pollution and rattled by melting glaciers, making the End Times feel all too real. It’ll take a legend to battle an old evil. Starring David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli, and Herman Tømmeraas, the series will begin streaming on Friday, January 31.

I Am a Killer, Season 2 Premiere:  The documentary series recounts the events that led up to the crimes of prisoners convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. The killers reveal their motivations and how they now view their actions, after time spent on death row. The second season will debut on Friday, January 31.

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Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer, Series Premiere: After years of silence, Ted Bundy’s long-term girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall, her daughter Molly, and other survivors come forward for the first time in a docuseries that reframes Bundy’s crimes from a female perspective. The series reveals how Bundy’s pathological hatred of women collided with the culture wars and the feminist movement of the 1970s in one of the most infamous crime stories of our time. The series will launch on Friday, January 31.

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