10 Worst Things That Happened To Elliot Alderson

Mr. Robot had so many captivating plot lines about our favourite characters that made us want to follow their journey to the end. But the most important and intriguing character arc had to be of protagonist, Elliot Alderson.

Throughout the 4 seasons, we saw him go on a lot of adventures on his quest to save the world from the invisible hand: the rich corrupt people placing their fingerprints all over the world. He went straight from being a vigilante hacker who took down pedophiles, rapists, abusers etc. to taking down the Deus Group and becoming a true hero for preventing a total nuclear meltdown.

But, as we witnessed, achieving this goal wasn’t an easy task for Elliot, who faced so many roadblocks during his journey. For four seasons, he was put through a wringer of physical, emotional and mental trauma that either made him or broke him. However, he would always find a way to get back up on his feet and keep going.

Given the plenty of terrible things that Elliot faced over the four seasons, it wasn’t easy to pick out the absolute worst of the worst. A warning, then: this article may not be for the faint hearted

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