6 Crazy Problems Created By Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths was perhaps the most massive and ambitious crossover in television history. The world was treated to Easter eggs and surprise cameos from every corner of live action DC canon. But now that this event is in the rear view mirror and some of the shock has finally worn off, it’s time for the confusion to set in.

Confusion, because the audience now has a chance to reflect on the implications of folding three independent settings into one universe. With Black Lightning, Supergirl and the Earth 1 shows now all taking place on Earth Prime, a big can of worms has been spilled all over the Arrowverse’s continuity.

It’s fair to say that viewers have been left with a lot of questions, and now they’re begging for answers. Listed here are a number of the narrative problems that have presented themselves, as the relatively straightforward continuity of the Arrowverse has become entangled in a complicated knot of apparent contradictions and breaks in logic.

So let’s take a look at the madness that has become the Arrowverse, and the crazy problems that can be created by such a sudden and overreaching shift in continuity.

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