10 Times Lazy Writing Ruined Netflix’s You Season 2

Season One of Netflix’s hit drama, You, was an intoxicating watch. Joe Goldberg’s obsession, stalking and eventual murder of his love interest, Guinevere Beck, unfolded in front of our eyes in a way that made it impossible to look away. Despite being a complete psychopath, Joe was a strangely likeable and sympathetic character, and it was sometimes hard to remember that we shouldn’t be rooting for him as the episodes played out.

This was, in no small part, due to the excellent writing of the show. The characters had depth and their interactions could range from hilarious, to heart-breaking, to horrifying at a moment’s notice. They helped form a narrative that was crazy, yet believable, and kept the viewer gripped from start to finish.

Therefore, it was bitterly disappointing that You took a nose-dive in quality when it came to Season Two. Characters were one-dimensional and the writing was a mixture of laughably bad to tediously predictable. It came across as more of a caricature of its former self and has left many fans very sceptical of the already-announced third season.

Beware of spoilers as we take a look into ten examples of how lazy writing ruined Season Two.

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