How To Improve Your Console Gaming Performance

How To Improve Your Console Gaming Performance

Console Gaming Performance -Being a console gamer means that you’re competitive, that you’re in it to win, and that you won’t settle unless you’re on top. There are many ways to improve your performance in the online lobbies, and we’re going to go through some of the most popular methods that you console gamers can use to take your game to the next level, both literally and figuratively.

How To Improve Your Console Gaming Performance

Please note that some of these methods will require you to go out of your way and either spend a bit of money and a bit of time to elevate your experience. There’s really no way to get better at something without giving something in return.

Record your gameplay

Being self-critical is arguably one of the best skills one can possess. Recording footage of your gameplay and then analyzing it for misplays and errors is one of the best ways that you can spot bad gaming habits and correct them. Oftentimes we play games instinctively. Whether you get caught off in the heat of the moment and rush your enemies solo or you constantly misread scenarios and wondering why everything went wrong, recording your gameplay footage will give you that extra hindsight that will improve your playstyle.

You can use a PC or laptop to capture footage from your device in smooth frames, and then spend some time to analyze it. I recommend recording full matches of whatever you’re playing. Don’t blame mistakes on hardware or software and own up to them. You’ll be a better, more complete player in no time.

Customize Your Controller

Controllers are comfortable and simple to use. If you’re on XBOX or PS4 and are happy with your Microsoft gamepad or Sony Dual Shock 4, that’s fine. But if you’re looking to get that small edge that can make you a better player, then customizing your controller is the way to go. There are plenty of ways to do this, so let’s talk about some of the most popular and efficient ways of customizing your gamepad.

First off, the thumbsticks can be fitted with extra-grippy tops for better longevity and better accuracy. FIFA, Apex, Forza, these are games that rely on accuracy, and the extra grip you get from adding texture and protection to your analog controllers will definitely have a positive impact on your game.

You can also add a more grippy texture to your controller’s body, or shell. This is especially good if you have older, glossy models, which can be hard to handle in longer gaming sessions, as sweat and oils build up. 

Use A Gaming Monitor

TVs aren’t really designed to be gaming machines. They produce good colors and contrasts, but at the expense of response times. Response time refers to the time it takes for a pixel to switch from a color to an off state and to a different color. TVs suffer from higher response times, leaving you with a lesser gaming experience.

Gaming monitors have come a long way in terms of quality. A VA panel is cheap enough to be competitive when compared to similarly-specced TVs while providing comparable quality and superior gaming performance.


Sometimes it’s important to practice. And let me tell you that playing isn’t practicing. If you want to get better at a game, you have to play with that goal in mind. If you like Fortnite, load up and practice building. If you’re into Apex, check Reddit or Twitch and see what guns are popular, and then start grinding with those guns until you get good. It also helps if you have some friends you could play with.

Apart from aim you should also be playing smart. Positioning, early game strategies, transitions, late game strategies, these are all things that you have to get acquainted with if your desire is to be a better gamer.


These are just a few ways through which you can become a better gamer. Bottom line is, you gotta put in the hours and make sure that your hardware is of good quality. Once you do that, if you still see little to no improvement, that means that you’re not putting enough thought into your gaming style. Choose the right time to be aggressive and the right time to be passive, and seize your window of opportunity.

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