Online Gambling in South Africa

While some say that online gambling is legal in South Africa, many believe otherwise. So, what do you think is the current legal state of online gambling in the African country? Are you allowed to play online casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and more without any legal worries?

Here in this short article, we will briefly acquaint you with the legal aspects of online gambling in South Africa. Please feel free to go through information available on this page: if you’re keen on learning more about the subject.

About the nine gambling boards

The 9 provinces in South Africa govern gambling activities in their own ways, locally. Each one of these provinces has its own gambling regulator, implying that the gambling-related laws might vary depending upon where you stay. However, majority of the online casinos obtain their licences from Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board ( This is the regulator which licenses the sports betting activities in the country as it’s the only type of online gambling which can be legally indulged-in there right now.

Several attempts have been made in the past to legalise online casino gaming, but the government continues to treat it as illegal per se. However, having said that, South African gamblers and casino players don’t need to pay any taxes on their winnings unless in case of horserace betting, in which case they must pay 12% tax to the government on their wins.

South Africa and online casinos

Despite the fact that South African government clearly considers online casino operations illegal, their laws are specifically targeted at online casino establishments and the banks facilitating such activities. Back in 2010, a law was passed in the country that banned both foreign-based as well as domestic online casinos. The government even established a fine of R 10 million for any online casino found providing services to South African residents. The same fine was also meant for local media stations and banks which contributed to online casino gaming operations.

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Millions of South African residents who love playing online casino table games and slots, have couple of alternatives available to them today. Either they can play casino games at land-based establishments such as the Rio Casino Resort or take their chances at foreign or local gambling portals. As mentioned earlier, South African laws are not targeted at casino players per se, implying that you never stand the risk of getting arrested if found playing at an online casino.

Furthermore, there are several well-respected and reputed online casinos out there who readily accept South African players, including some casino portals which specifically cater to South Africans. Many of these portals even allow you to make withdrawals and deposits in ZAR. You can fund your bankroll using options such as EasyEFT, Visa, Bitcoin, SID and others. However, please remember that not every foreign-based online casino welcomes South African players, so you should double-check with the casino before depositing any money.

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