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DDTank Mobile is a modern multiplayer spin on the classic strategy series Worms that takes the core of those titles and refines it for mobile. While its inspirations are clear, DDTank Mobile also brings its own systems, ideas, and anime style to the table, making it a distinct experience in its own right.

Battles here require you to take aim and fire upon your enemies with skill and accuracy. As the match progresses, you’ll destroy parts of the map to reach your opponents and traverse the stage. It’s a lot more strategic than your average shooter, favouring smart play over frantic assaults.

You’ll also have to take things like wind direction and your strength gauge into account if your shots are to hit their target. That said, it’s still a very accessible game that just about anyone should be able to get into.
Some of the modes on offer include PvP, intense boss battles, team battles, and a number of story-driven missions.

Visually, it’s also quite the treat, delivering lots of memorable character designs, pets, and environments. A big part of the experience is collecting various fashion accessories to make your character unique to you.

DDTank Mobile‘s latest bumper update is now live. It introduces a special event that brings more rewards than ever before. During the event, you can expect to earn daily rewards, and there’s even a special exchange event to help maximise your unlocks.

A newbie code has also been introduced to aid those just starting out, making now a great time to jump in and start playing. So take advantage of the events and download DDtank Mobile from either the App Store or Google Play.

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