Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir Cosplay Music Video – Bowled Over


It’s Ladybug and Cat Noir’s day off, so Marinette, Adrien, Alya and Chloe are going bowling. But who will be crowned the bowling champion? Will Marinette and Adrien be able to keep their superhero secret from their friends? Will Alya’s hot new scoop on the Ladyblog cause problems for our heroes? And will they all be able to stop Chloe from ruining the day?!

The cast for this video was an absolute joy to work with, and we were lucky enough to be joined by Wilddd Cosplay as Alya this time around! Make to check all of them out!

★ Marinette – Luminara Cosplay and Art https://www.facebook.com/luminaracreations/
★ Adrien – RascalRabbit Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/rascalrabbitcosplay/
★ Chloe – Hildaglitz Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/hildaglitz/
★ Alya – Wilddd Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/wildddcosplay/

The song is Shibuya Sunrise’s original track “On My Side” which you can listen to on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/319RpYEC7nOhhNRXBio99G

We can’t believe that this is our FOURTH Miraculous Ladybug CMV! We love making these videos and would love to continue to be able to make them so be sure to like and comment on the video if you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to subscribe for more Ladybug cosplay!

Special thanks to Spectrum Bowl for the fantastic location and for being super helpful on the shoot. If you’re ever in the Guildford (Surrey) area and fancy a bit of bowling we would highly recommend them! http://www.guildfordspectrum.co.uk/tenpin-bowling/

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