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Arena of Valor is a massively popular game having over 200 million registered players according to TiMi Studios. That impressive number has been achieved with the game being available in 82 countries and now they have added another 67 with the game launching in Russia, MENA regions and South Asia.

It’s not surprising that TiMi studios have been able to expand the game’s reach into new areas, given how incredibly well the game has performed since its initial launch. Not only has it accumulated a huge player base but it has also become a leading mobile esport with more than 40 million hours being streamed by fans.

It has, however, always been more popular in the East, particularly in China, so if you are unfamiliar with Arena of Valor, it’s a MOBA in the mould of League of Legends. Two teams of 5 will battle it out, destroying each other’s towers until one of them has their base destroyed. As far as mobile MOBAs go, it’s widely considered to have the best control scheme on phones which is undoubtedly a huge factor in its lasting popularity.

With new servers dedicated to allowing 67 new regions and countries to play, Arena of Valor will be available to many more MOBA fans across the globe. If you live in the MENA region, TiMi has set up a Facebook page for players to join whilst they’ve created a VK channel for their new Russian fans.

If you’re interested in why TiMi Studios have waited until now to expand into the Russia and MENA regions then I’d advise you’d check out a recent interview Matthew Forde – from our sister site – conducted with Ray Ning, executive producer of Arena of Valor and Vincent Gao, international business director at TiMi Studios.

Arena of Valor is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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