This 17-inch laptop perfectly blends content-creation and gaming into a slick, powerful package

In recent years, the evolution of laptops has been rapid, and we’ve finally seen the rise of sometime PC gamers have craved for decades: thin, powerful notebooks that pack both beefy GPUs and long battery lives. It’s a class of laptop that’s subsequently been adopted by creative and digital imaging professionals, who also have demanding needs when it comes to specs. This new type of user has even led to the creation of devices with higher-quality, more colour-accurate screens and more-efficient and discrete cooling systems – ones that won’t interrupt the quiet hum of an office space.

In 2020, we’re at a place where these divergent requirements have come together to produce new generation of all-rounder, ultra-portable laptops that are fantastic for gaming and entertainment, great for all kinds of work, look good in whatever work-or-play setting you can think of, stay cool, are packed with functionality and excel at everything they do. Other laptop makers are venturing into the ‘creator’s laptop’ space, but Gigabyte got there ahead of the crowd, launching its first AERO laptop back in 2017. It’s refined, upgraded and expanded the line each year since, and its newest flagship – the 2020 AERO 17 – is the best yet, offering a no-compromise device for anyone who requires a powerful portable… and gamers and content creators should especially take note.

The chassis' sleek, understated design means it'll be at home in both the gaming den and the office.

The chassis’ sleek, understated design means it’ll be at home in both the gaming den and the office. (Image credit: Gigabyte)

Design details

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