Florence + the Machine – The Chain (Glastonbury Festival 2010)

Florence + the Machine performing Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010.
I do not own the copyright for this song.


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  1. What…. a…. SHIT…. cover. Someone get that woman an auto tune.

  2. Bloody awful. This simpering bore seems to have floated away though, good. The machine should be broken up for scrap.

  3. I just cannot like her voice. Cracks all over the place.

  4. I appreciate music and I do not want to say she sucks but damn she sucks!!… Really?? This performance makes me want to head butt a cactus

  5. Amazing how many of the mongs who go to Glasto didnt even know what the fucking song was.

  6. i would rather hear yoko shiek

  7. I ascended during the bass solo

  8. The cover was great, it was not identical and they took their own version which i find fitting, they seem to enjoy themselves quite a lot.
    Also, the camera work is great, i bet a lot of the cameramen know the song, many of the camera changes were on time and on relevant song changes, they are so good they are capturing what we want to see, changes between the faces, the instruments, the hands, the expressions, even the stomping barefeet and the spontaneous dancing.

  9. Madre mía destroza la canción

  10. That was a good cover of a great song.!.

  11. Είσαι μεγάλο αλάνι κούκλα μου, μποέμισσα με τα όλα της!!!

  12. how the fuck am I discovering that they did this cover only ten years later???


  14. Chemistry between Rob and Chris both have a massive grin on their faces.

  15. ngl, i dont listen to them at all…but that bass sequence with the drums was INSANE

  16. this sucked,.. nothing compares to the original

  17. So wish i was at open festival right now ;-(

  18. not knocking the cover,but nobody plays it like Lyndsey.

  19. Big Everton flag at start. Up the toffees 🍬

  20. They could cover a table and improve it .

  21. Honestly I expected a lot more out of this cover..

  22. Where did she learn to sing? Maybe she she look again….waste of time

  23. So good. Only as Florence could do.

  24. 30 seconds in. I haven't even heard this yet but I have a feeling it's going to be great…

    Edit. At 5:50: Yep.

    Florence's energy dancing makes me as happy as watching Aurora dancing during her performance of Conquerer on Jimmy Fallon.

  25. Oo me feckin ears. This is better sung in tune.

  26. So hard to sing FWM's song and not sound like Stevie Nicks – Florence did a great job.

  27. It would be a crime not to perform this again

  28. Definitely should've had a male singer perform too. Maybe Josh Homme?

  29. I have never been more undecided which version I like the best: Florence version or cocaine version 1982…

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