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Frequently Asked Questions about the NEWSPAPER NAIL ART:


1.) Do I have to apply base coat first?
– Yes. On all my nail arts, I always use base coat. It protects your nails and prevents the nail polish from chipping instantly.

2.) Should the nail polish be dried before applying the newspaper?
-I found that 100% dry polish is difficult to stain since the coat has already been sealed. Wait until the nail polish is 90% dry and only 10% wet. 90% dry polish is not completely hard so it actually eats the ink and so the text will appear darker and readable.

3.) Can I use water?

4.) Can I use alcohol?
– YES!

5.) Can I use magazine/music note/printed paper instead of newspaper?

6.) Can I use nail polish remover instead of alcohol?
-NO! Nail polish remover’s main purpose is to actually REMOVE the nail polish on your nails. If you use it, you won’t be able to come up with a decent nail art but just a really messy one.

7.) Can I use mouth wash/wine/astringent/perfume instead of alcohol?
-Love, please don’t waste your money. Just use water! 🙂

8.) Why did you use q-tip/cotton bud?
-I found that rubbing the paper actually makes the ink stain more on the nail. Pressing the newspaper on the nail for about 30 seconds is also effective if you don’t want to use q-tip

9.) Why did you have to rub the nails just after removing the paper?
-If you noticed, I rubbed it very gently. Rubbing it removes excess paper and residue. If you don’t clean it, ugly bumps will appear once the ink is dry and when you apply top coat.

10.) Did you copy this from cutepolish?
-I’ve politely answered this question already but honestly the answer is NO.
Yes, she may have filmed it first but when I was starting YouTube, I didn’t even know a cutepolish channel existed. I see no wrong in recreating someone else’s art work and I always make sure that I credit a guru if I really copied her work. I love IHaveACupcake and I have mentioned her many times in my videos. I f I do copy cutepolish, I will definitely mention it,too. 🙂

I hope I was able to answer your questions! Enjoy doing your nails! ^_^

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