A-Tech Cybernetic VR Gameplay on HTC Vive | Sci-Fi Virtual Reality Shooter with Bullet Time!

Today we are testing out A-Tech Cybernetic in VR on HTC Vive, a Sci-Fi Virtual Reality FPS Shooter with Bullet Time feature and very nice graphics. A-Tech Cybernetic is so far in an Early Access stage VR title with a wave-based gameplay mode. But future updates are promising a wide story mode, challenges, loads of puzzles and much more content overall, so I really think this VR shooter has great potential to become a highly popular game later this spring.

A-Tech Cybernetic is built in Unreal engine, and the graphics as well as the Doom-like environment gives you a nice VR immersion and feeling of presence. Together with good sound effects, nice weapons and well-made enemy-robots, even a simple wave-based shooter-mode in this Early Access version of A-Tech Cybernetic feels solid and entertaining.

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