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Who is The Spectre?šŸ’€
At the beginning of humanity, the “spirit of wrath” was created to punish evil and avenge the innocent around the world. Although, this force would soon become too powerful and destructive and would require a human host.

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Interesting facts about The Spectre:
āˆ™ The source of The Spectreā€™s power is directly related to theĀ Presence: The god of the DC universe. Making him one of the most powerful characters of all time.
āˆ™ He once destroyed an entire country and was responsible for all of the Biblical plagues and natural disasters throughout history.
āˆ™ The Spectre has had many human hosts, even Hal Jordan became a host at one point.
āˆ™ The Spectre once entered the mind of the Joker and caused him to gain his sanity back and feel remorse for his sins.

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