marvel related tik toks for every occasion

kinda hate myself for making this because, ya know, tik toks.. but i also kinda love myself for making this because, ya know, tik toks lmao pls enjoy all these lovely vids & lemme know which ones are your favs!!!! ūüôā

yes, I did save the best for last. ūüėČ hey jojo

I really am sorry for not posting as much as I usually do! This semester is already kicking my ass. but we are nearing the 1 year anniversary of me, like, posting something!!!!!! I posted “learn the alphabet with harrison osterfield” on my birthday (october 4th) last year and it’s almost my bday again! time really does fly when you’re having fun :)))

also, if you didn’t know already: I have a blog about books!!!! it’s called LitFlix but the url is just (without the www.)!!! this blog is like my baby and I will continue to show it off for the rest of my days lolz. please go have look ūüôā

love you guys xx

READ ME: LISTEN, to all of you DINGBATS commenting :”oh but we’re getting a spider-man 3 so ur wrong” or “we be getting spider 3 tho” or even “tom holland is getting a third movie tho” I KNOW!!!!! stfu!!!!!!! I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the next person who comments that will get deleeeeeeted :))))))))))))) so don’t do ittttt!!!!!!!!! look at the day this video was posted!!!!! then look at the time in which we found out there’s gonna be a spider-man 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO THE MATH. THIS VIDEO CAME OUT BEFORE WE KNEW THAT!!!!!!!! periodt, on god. ugh.


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