The Wide World of Sports Entertainment

The Wide World of Sports Entertainment

Since the emergence of online sports betting, it has been an activity that connected betters from around the world. Before the internet, pretty much the only place that legal betting could take place was Las Vegas. Given that most people couldn’t get to Vegas at the drop of a hat, they turned to sportsbooks that were consigned to seedy corners and shady backdoor clubs their home towns. Luckily that time is over.

The internet changed all that. It gave rise to a revolution in sports betting in a number of interesting ways. In short, it converted sports betting into a worldwide phenomenon.

Online Demand Increases Access to Betting Markets

The rapid increase in the popularity of online casino gambling in the early 2000s was quickly followed by a demand for more online sportsbooks. As more online casinos began incorporating sports betting into their offerings, sports gamblers began taking their business online. This led to a number of exciting changes in the industry:

  • New gamblers were welcomed by the industry with the introduction of lower stakes
  • The number of betting markets expanded exponentially
  • Sports enthusiasts gained access to sports they could not bet on previously

Online Attracts a Larger Audience

It’s not known when the first sports wager took place. As per Sports Ecyclopedia, historians believe it dates back centuries. What we do know is that betting on sports was historically reserved for the elite, or the upper echelons of society. However, the rise of online sports betting completely changed that dynamic. As online sportsbooks and casinos compete for players’ attention, they keep improving their online sites and consequently find ways to give more people access to their offerings.

Incorporating New Payment Methods

A process that many operators follow to attract new players to their sites is to introduce a wider variety of payment methods. Ten years ago, most people that wanted to play online needed a credit card to do so, and many people were not comfortable with giving out their card details.

This is why casinos started including safe prepaid payment methods like paysafecard. In fact, there are so many paysafe casino sites that it’s hard for players to choose one. The sites listed on Paysafecard NZ are the best in the industry. Playing at these casinos and sportsbooks guarantees that payments are safe and that winnings are paid.

Lower Minimum Stakes

Another development that took place due to competition in the online gambling industry was that minimum wagers began to decrease. Players were no longer required to make big buy-ins for online sports betting. It followed that operators no longer needed large minimum deposits from players either. New payment methods and lower stakes led to a number of online casinos being in the position to offer minimum deposits as low as $5.

Again, due to the growth of the market it became difficult for players to decide where to play because many illegal and unreliable casino operators began crowding the market. Players looking for low $5 deposit casinos would be wise to choose a casino listed at CasinoTop for the best results. All the listings accept low deposits, are reputable, and are the most popular amongst regular online gamblers.

Betting Markets Explode

Before online betting, the sporting options were very limited. Players could typically choose between a handful of sports that were popular in their hometown. They had to visit TAB agencies or retail sportsbooks, and could only bet on sports like horseracing and famous leagues. While online sportsbooks have not done away with the popular sporting games like football and team games, they have introduced a plethora of new sports to the betting arena. Today we can bet on obscure sports such as Badminton, Cross Country, Darts, and even E-Sports.

In addition to drastically growing the sporting variety, online gaming led to the popularisation of different types of bets. Gone are the days when players only wager on whether or not their favourite team would win the game. Today the industry is dominated by proposition bets, or prop bets, in all its different forms. Prop bets are not placed on the outcome of a game. They are placed on an event that might occur during a game. For example, betters can wager on the number of goals they think a particular player will score.

There are tons of different types of prop bets. Many players enjoy placing these types of wagers because they tend to be more fun than the regular win-lose stakes. Then again, many betters say that they prefer this type of betting due to the added skill required. Whichever side of the fence we sit on, we can’t deny that this type of betting has seen an exceptionally high level of interest in the past decade – especially since the soaring acceptance of online gambling.


Whether you’re betting on sports for entertainment, to have a stake in the game, profit potential, or because you enjoy the challenging aspects of it, it is always a good idea to choose a casino with a good reputation and that is known for paying out its players for wins. While the emergence of sports betting has led to an increase in the number of hoax sites and unreliable online sportsbooks and casinos, it is also responsible for loads of exciting developments in the betting world.

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