How to draw 25 doodle Flowers

Here are 25 different flower doodle ideas! Fun and simple, they are great for making your own cards or coloring pages!

How to doodle:

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Q:What penci, paper, pen (etc) do you use?
A: I generally use a 2b drawing pencil and artist sketch paper, sometimes Bristol. Check out my Art Supplies video for more information.

Q: How do you record your videos?
A: I use a Sony Handycam HD to record my videos and Adobe Elements Premier for editing

Q: Can I send you mail?
A: Yes! Make sure you check that the correct postage is on the envelope or it won’t make it to me.

Q: Will you write me back?
A: If you include a self-addressed stamped envelope, I will reply back to you! 🙂

Q: Can you draw a picture of my dog. horse, cat, Mother (Etc)
A: Unfortunately, I am unable to take personal requests. If you are interested in purchasing a commissioned drawing from me, send me a message for more information.

Q: How can I get better at drawing?
A: The biggest thing you can do is keep drawing! Never give up.

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