Katsucon 2018 National Harbor DC Cosplay Music Video – Part 2

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Part 2 of our Katsucon cosplay music video! There were so many incredible costumes at the convention that we couldn’t possibly fit them all into one video. Thank you to all of the amazing cosplayers for taking the time to be filmed and making us so welcome we had an amazing time!

We’ll tag all the cosplayers in the description but as always, if you see yourself or a friend please tell us and we’ll tag you straight away.

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The song is Shibuya Sunrise’s original track “You Can’t Hide” which will be available on iTunes and Spotify soon.

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Thumbnail is Erikarnaya –


Cowbuttcrunchies –
Starlit Cosplay –
Apollo Cosplay –
Saya Costumes –
Shiaya Costumes –
Nookills –
Maggzy –
Stars of Cassiopeia –
Zadra Cosplay and Props –
Sakayat Cosplay –
Mimi Chans Cosplay –
J Tanooki –
PearlBae –
Timestreams Cosplay –
Gazebo Tier –
Rose & Prince –
J. Lynn Cosplay –
Sew Far So Good –
ArmariaSeole Cosplay –
Bellison Cosplay –
Zadork Cosplay –

Ivorivet –
Groosetastic –
Notalent Cosplay –
Masterryukii –
Candi Valentina –
Bell0som Cosplay –
Mothermochi –
Giraffe Cos –
Rubyrosepetals –
Coymistress –
Kurodesi –
Hailtheaninator –
Casterly Fox –
Darling Idols –



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