Radiohead – No Surprises

‘No Surprises’ is taken from ‘OK Computer’ out on XL Recordings. Buy & stream it here:

Director: Grant Gee Producer: Phil BarnesCinematography: Dan Landin Production company: Kudos (Music Video)

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  1. To add more nostalgia, switch to 360p

  2. This is just the reflection of pur generation. We basically don't long for nothing anymore, we don't want surprises, nor alarms. Just a quiet life, in which we do our own, but we are empty and dead inside, and we try to fill this void with things the we know can't let down us, just to fit in. We're becoming numb and empty, day by day, we're basically becoming red fishes… Yes, it's a sad song, but since it reflects us, the conclusion is that WE are sad, and that's the truth

  3. This song perfectly embodies the idea of a song that is so crushingly dark lyrically yet so beautiful and gorgeous with its instrumentation

  4. Life ~
    I'm full of surprises.

  5. "A job that slowly kills you"

  6. clicked on this video, the likes were 666k, and the first comment i saw had 777 likes… 🙂

  7. No Surpisess plssss

  8. Over the next twenty years I'll probably comment on this a lot

  9. Who else held their breath when Thom was underwater to see if they would've survived?

  10. That would be cool, to just sleep forever.

  11. What a nice enviorment, this comment section

  12. these songs make me feel a great sadness, but in the end we just need to disconnect from the world for a while to feel better

  13. Radiohead songs always gives me that dopamine decrease and I'm loving it

  14. thom : his power level is rising!

  15. hey genius, give someone else a chance

  16. This song just confirms my theory that the best artistic achievements are always accomplished by really tormented people. Happy people just aren't that creative.

  17. I came frome fourtwnty cover the cover and the original music Just as good 👍

  18. “ Bruises that won’t heal”. As a victim of really brutal domestic violence ( I had some horrific bruises) this line hit me like a rock.

  19. Why does this song make me think of portal?

  20. я вспоминаю то, как захожу в этот подъезд. это чувство, этот запах… его не передать словами. на улице холодно, но я чувствую тепло. москва, невзрачная многоэтажка, курящие подростки во дворе, бездомный, который лежит под подъездом уже третий день, бабушка на скамейке, которая кормит голубей, эта песня в наушниках… ветер, приятно продувает яркую пуховую куртку, осень, банка вишневого сока, бабушка снова кричит на маму, дедушка сидит на диване и смотрит ворониных… я так люблю эту эстетику, я так люблю москву…

  21. I tried to hang myself a few months ago, it was at some point during November but I forget the exact date, I was cut down. Spent a few days in the ICU and then transferred to a regular ward before they let me out, it's the start of a new year now and I'm still stuck with myself, I don't want to try again because I've seen how much the attempt upset my family, and I'm glad it wasn't successful because it wouldn't be fair for them to have to deal with the aftermath. Still, I can't stop feeling like I shouldn't be here and that I don't belong anywhere.

  22. This song was really the right song for the movie "The Midnight Sky" and also for the main character of the movie.

  23. Nothing to say at all: beauty.
    Yorke ❤️

  24. We all have a person that we forgot until the song begins