Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Queens Of The Stone Age performing No One Knows. (C) 2002 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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  1. Siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Damn Dave damn lead that shit

  3. Imagine Ringo trying that drum rolls.Steven Boswell.edinburgh

  4. Cuando no existía YouTube y tenias que esperar por la tarde para ver los 10 + pedidos de MTV.. buenos tiempos aquellos..😎🖤🔥🎵🎶🇵🇪🤘🏻

  5. Spectacular spectacular spiderman…

    Oh wait. That's not it.

  6. The Drummer is fucking scary…he attacks his drums like he is in war with them

  7. For everyone who asks ab the drummer: yes its dave grohl. He was they're drummer, nirvanas and he drums for his current band the foo fighters. As well as being they're lead singer.lol

  8. The look the Buck gives at 2:51-3 after seeing the Deer crossing sign is classic!

  9. How theeeee fuck does this not even have a million likes

  10. The bald guitar player seems so happy.

  11. I didn't know keemstar was in this music video.

  12. This is like middle school old for me 🤘🏻

  13. Is it me or the drummer kinda looks like the singer from Foo Fighters????

  14. Dave is the real life version of Silverhand all he has to do is blow up Arasaka Tower with nukes to make it completely legit.

  15. Kompte colla soy soy estu Ginger Elvis mia sona derojevsk. G'HOL G'HOL G'HOL! ^_^

  16. This Song is dry as a bone. So good!!

  17. Why does their drummer look like the lead singer of the foo fighters.

  18. 3:48 AND a cameo from Patton Oswalt! <giggle> He is a LIVING Yard Gnome!

  19. Josh Homme great and unforgettable genius singer/guitarist/composer in this very song!!!

  20. There’s not enough Dave Grohl in this video

  21. Dave’s a monster on them drums

  22. I could not share this on Facebook because it was reported as abusive!

  23. I was thinking "Why the fuck Dave isn't on the deer scenes?"
    And then it came to me…

    He was the deer

  24. One of the best bridges in rock history

  25. Ngl that bass player looks like my dad 😂

  26. So no is gonna talk how awesome this goes with the grid and dirt 4?

  27. Dave groull is multy talented,wot a guy.😍

  28. No pasa el tiempo para esta canción…simplemente es Genial.

  29. This drummer look like mad C from the muppets animal was it

  30. I Soo love the music videos from back then!

  31. went to their gig in Slaine Castle Dublin with Foo Fighters and Chilli Peppers brilliant gig that.

  32. That hook is just so catchy, if it can be called that.

  33. who agrees that the two guitarists look like the guys from s.o.a.d?

  34. This song is Rite in so many ways!!!!!!!😜😜🤪

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