Gen 13 (Full DC Comics 2000) Movie HD

Gen¹³ is an animated American science-fiction Superhero action film based on the Gen¹³ comic book series published by WildStorm Productions, which is a part of DC Comics. The film, released in 2000, was directed by Kevin Altieri and produced by Disney & WildStorm. The film was distributed by Disney under Buena Vista Pictures & the Touchstone Pictures (Paramount dstributing DVD versions) banner and first screened for the general public at the Wizard World Chicago convention July 17–19, 1998.

In the mid-1990s, WildStorm owner Jim Lee put his company on the market as comic book sales began to decline. It was during this period that Disney Studios expressed interest in developing a Gen¹³ film. The film project was already in production when Lee began talks to sell WildStorm to DC Comics, a Time Warner company. The sale was finalized in January 1999. By the time the film was finished, Disney decided to shelve the film because they did not want to market a film with ties to a rival production company. Consequently, the film was never released in the U.S., but did receive a limited video release.

Rated: PG/PG-13 (Depends on Region)
Language: English

Copyright Note:
I do NOT own Gen 13.
Gen 13 ©WildStorm/DC Comics

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