Milky Chance – Down By The River (FlicFlac Edit)

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  1. I'm not depressed
    I'm not suicidal
    And I'm not sad

    I really just like this song ❤️

  2. who listening in 2021 ?

  3. Just listen to this song while sitting on a beach!❤️🥺

  4. Make more of Milky Chance please

  5. The rough friction selectively knock because bobcat mechanically visit pace a evanescent mercury. fantastic, laughable slave

  6. Satan said to me I'm dragging you to hell with ME! And I was like milky chance down by that river of fire!

  7. Stop asking who’s still listening, we never stop listening


  9. I've been listening to it for almost 6 years

  10. i discovered this just yesterday! heard it like 2 thousand times -_-

  11. La patience est mère de toute les Sagesses….C d ki??

  12. adding loud base (which sounds ugly asf) with some effect doesn't really mean you edited anythign, tbh this lacks inspiration and creativity. thumb down

  13. I've fallen in love with the girl in this video's cover 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰. can someone tell me her name?

  14. I need this in spotify, NOW

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