Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (FlicFlac Remix)

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  2. Stop asking who’s still listening, we never stop listening

  3. Still listening in December 2020, gives me serious university nostalgia!

  4. Who follow Rivers in 2020 ? :>

  5. waiting reading new things give litter deep more khow happended!

  6. Sick tune way underrated

  7. تفصيل المحاكم لسه يبغالها شغل

  8. أنا الله / سلطان الجن والآنس / ملك السماوات السبع
    ملك النار و الأنهار معاً

  9. El piano que suena en el segundo 24 me recuerda a otra cancion, pero no se cual es 😔

  10. Wow. In this moment i'm under the efets of cannabis listenig this music, ¡ i feel so great dude!
    – New O, W

  11. love musec 01/11/2020 corona

  12. Still Falling in love with this remix, but if you want to Fall Back to the Past, check out Dr. Evil DJ Sharaz “ I still Believe” you may just fall in love with the Sound you REALLY need. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤟

  13. Wondering why its not available on Spotify or iTunes 💔

  14. Yes I Do….folllow…YOU

  15. Pretty good! Is there an instrumental version of this remix?

  16. اكرره رب الجميع

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