What Makes Up the Worst Comedy Movie

What Makes Up the Worst Comedy Movie

Life is never a bed of roses; it is full of ups and downs, disappointments, and unpredictable changes. It is because of this that many people look towards opportunities and occasions that make daily lives less miserable.

Watching a comedy movie is one of the many opportunities that can make life less miserable. Comedy movies bring laughter and give people an opportunity to look at humor in life, and allows one to look at things in a new light, and possibly, expand their horizon to become a more optimistic person.

When a comedy movie fails to meet these requirements it can then be classified as the worst comedy movie. Below, we discuss the things that make a comedy the worst one. The great thing is that you can still play your favorite online casino games through sites like Joka room casino online in the event that you encounter a bad comedy movie.

Characteristics of a Bad Comedy Movie

  • A comedy depends on the writing, the situations, the pacing, the timing, and the chemistry of the characters. If all this fails to relate and to be accepted by the audience within the stipulated +/- 100 minutes, then the movie would have failed to accomplish its goal.
  • Because many people watch comedy movies as a form of escapism, there is no place for reality in a movie. Comedy is ultimately corrective, so if the goal of the movie’s happy idea is impossible to meet, given the hero’s ineptitude, the audience is left unsatisfied.
  • Just like worst slot machines, worst comedy movies are those that are too real such that the audience fails to enjoy the ridiculous and hilarious nature of a situation, which might be allowed to be dramatic in a serious movie.
  • What makes other comedy movies to be so funny is the fact that the actors play their roles as completely clueless and unaware of how ridiculous they are being. When the characters fail to be natural in the film, then it ceases to be hilarious and becomes stupid instead.

There are plenty of failed comedies. However, it is important to note that comedy is subjective. Humour is not universal as different people laugh at different things.


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