Radiohead – House of Cards

‘House of Cards’ is taken from ‘In Rainbows’ out on XL Recordings. Buy & stream it here:

In Radiohead’s video for ‘House of Cards’, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.

Directed by James Frost

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  1. "There is no retribution."
    ,dan' (on radiohead trying to save the day when it's the night that concerns him)

  2. "Blue looked purple as it died."

  3. Radiohead makes me remember things that never happened

  4. I was born on February 22nd 2005. My older brother who was born in 91 always played radiohead in his room and I would always go up and listen to it with him when I was just a toddler,he shared knowledge of radiohead with me and my youngest sister and I thank him so much for it as radiohead has been apart of my life for pretty much the entirety of it and tho im only 15 years old I promise to share these songs with my children in hopes that this music will never die. Thank you brother

  5. when a new kid comes and the bully says 0:34

  6. "A one stood beside a one and looked eleven."

  7. "Blue looked at Green sincerely and said, "Aren't you sick of what we were given? They would task you with envy and me with turmoil? How dare them. If we shall ever part may it be the distance we need that the one who goes last forever collide with eachother in unity to unison who doesn't want to be selfish being once only two."

  8. "How to be impatient in the land of forever."
    ,dan'(Iggy Pop made a hell of a pot frankenbeans)

  9. "Cautiosly, reproach neigh, I disgustedly looked down at my penis and apologized."

  10. "All I'm saying is that desperate isn't alway a bad thing, I mean it is achievable.
    ,dan' (maybe we are plugging a hole?)

  11. "How am I in two pieces? I'm knot."
    ,dan' (mistaken for either ends of a whole)


  13. "Redundancy is elected by intelligence."

  14. when someone asks me what is 375×456 + 789 +569 -326 +789×963-70 /361= 1:52

  15. 2:56 Am listening to this = perfection man 🌃

  16. This song, the video…OMG! I LOVE HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL!

  17. "I lie to myself, so you won't have to."
    denial denial

  18. What a song. Just brilliant.

  19. Absolutely awesome video and song 👏

  20. One of the most underrated radiohead songs. It is hauntingly beautiful. It's so atmospheric and has a certain govyb

  21. Si lees esto, este dolor pronto pasará
    2021 🖤

  22. I've done a lot of drugs in order to suppress the emotions that Radiohead brings to the fore front. This song is one of the hardest to hide.

  23. oh this song is great, naalala ko tuloy 'yong mv ni unique na "huwag ka sanang magagalit" which is a very good song too

  24. I'm in 2021 like if you too ❤️