A list of upcoming gaming events post-lockdown

A list of upcoming gaming events post-lockdown

The gaming industry has been hailed the winner of the pandemic. Growing by nearly 40% since the outbreak of Covid last year, the industry has giggled quietly to itself, watching its pile of riches grow ever larger as the rest of the market shriveled and atrophied.

A list of upcoming gaming events post-lockdown
A list of upcoming gaming events post-lockdown

However, the gaming events industry has been scuppered just as badly as the rest. Conventions and meets across the board have been called off, affecting not just fans, but also small-time Indie game developers who rely on such gatherings to forge connections and see their games played live. ‘The events industry has been almost totally snuffed out this past year. When the lid finally lifts, we will see an explosive return, beyond even pre-pandemic levels,’ says Alan Jenkins, of Quadrant2Design and Black Robin.

With that in mind, here are some of the biggest and most exciting events planned for post-lockdown 2021.

London Anime and Gaming Con – 2 July

 The anime community contains some of the most hardcore of internet fanatics, inspiring a uniquely dedicated subculture of Japanophiles across all demographics. Anime fans, cosplayers, comic fans and gamers across the UK will be gathering in London on July 2nd.


 EGX Rezzed Tobacco Dock, London – 15-17 July

 With the big EGX event scheduled for early October, its indie game counterpart, EGX Rezzed, will quench fans’ thirst for events sooner with a mid-July date.


 Steam Next Fest – 16-22 June

 While this is a digital event, it is nonetheless a large-scale congregation of gamers and developers, and should reveal a host of new demos and surprises.


 Birmingham Gaming Market – 19 June

 One for the old-schoolers. The UK’s biggest gaming market is back with a new home — the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Running from 11:00-16:00, the event is likely to be packed, so attendees are advised to turn up well and early.


 RetCon Retro Gaming Festival – 18 Sept

 Retro gaming fans old and young will be congregating in Greenford, London on September 18th.


 Pocket Gamer Connects – 12-16 July

 Mobile games do not enjoy the same reputation as console games, often looked down upon by more serious gamers. But the industry is huge, and as mobile devices become more and more advanced, so too will the games they can run.


MEDWAY Rapture Gaming and Creative festival – 3 July

 A hybrid event for gamers and creatives alike, the MEDWAY festival will host a range of exhibitions, interactive game workshops and talks on gaming, science, creativity and more.


 Meta Events Team Championship 2021 Warhammer 40k11 Sept

 A team-event, this tournament will be awarding prizes for the top spots, so for potential competitors, it’s time to start dusting off your Warhammer pieces.


 UK Games Expo – 30 July – 1 Aug

 This table-top game expo is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK.


 Virtual Lecture on Gaming Design, Middlesex University – 26 April

For those who’ve been toying with the idea of developing their own game, this virtual lecture and live Q&A could provide some valuable information on how to get the ball rolling.


 Elstree-Con Star Wars Family Fun Day – 11 Sept

 Last but not least, a family-friendly Star Wars convention on the distant horizon for September 11.


As we squeeze our way out of the tight, claustrophobic tunnel that was Covid-19, events like these can finally get underway, allowing fans to re-immerse themselves in the games and communities they love. Just a few more tight corners to navigate first.




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