Drawing POKEMON as SUPERHEROES and VILLAINS Ep3 (Ft. Arcanine, Umbreon, Gengar and More!)

It’s finally back! One of the most requested sequel episodes on this channel, Pokemon as Superheroes… and villains…. and anti-heroes

In this episode I take Arcanine, Umbreon, Gengar, Scyther, Alolan Raichu and Venusaur and draw them all into comic book heroes and foes!

For some of these heroes and villains I took inspiration from popular, existing characters from Marvel and DC and more! The likes of Superman, She-hulk, Raven, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Octopus, Silver Surfer, Ronin (from Avengers Endgame) and Blue Beetle all served as inspiration for these drawings and designs.

Also here’s the link to the full playlist of Pokemon as Superhero episodes!

While drawing I talk about my art process working in Sketchbook Pro for designing, inking and colouring these illustrations. Also, if you’re reading this I might as well recommend Shin Art’s channel. Around the time I started making these, I also started watching his Pokemon drawing episodes and I think they’re super cool!

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